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Dear Readers,

This month’s theme is –

ANIMALS: Partnership, Domination, Exploitation

My mind had imagined that this topic would bring me a sense of human partnership with the environment, absent in May’s PLASTICS enquiry. Not so!

Tracking through information and images illustrating the relationships between two species, Animal & Human I’ve been down the pit – of – gloom…again…AND always looking for “the third force” which is in everything, but hard to discern.

From prehistoric wall paintings ,there’s a sense of equal danger: kill or be killed.

As Domestication succeeds world- wide, cultures flourished in relation to domestication; Partnership was essential. Native American hunting culture was experienced in “relationship”. Then in various cultures, ways of life bedded down, for example the Country pursuits of the landed gentry in the British Isles.

Beasts of burden have their own history of exploitation.

Onward through the development of farming skills and practice; wartime survival. 1962 saw the enactment of the CAP European Common Agriculture Policy which aims to maintain commodity price levels within the EU and subsidise production; Animals somewhere to be spied within bureaucracy. Today, researching English agriculture, I’ve been alerted to the power of big business over small scale farming.

Within this farming history, are the ANIMALS. Currently they are objects of economics, of profit, as never before: smaller scale husbandry versus factory farming is a key concern.

AND, shining through all of this tale of POWER OVER, is the devotion between Humans and that other species, ANIMALS. There are numerous tales of individuals and groups, determined to be alongside ANIMALS.

Sitting here I remember the three dogs and a cat who shared our family’s lives, I KNOW the deep relationship that the two species can have for each other, I feel it in my heart.

THE BLOG enjoys play-time between Goats and Yoga. HERE

THE STORY tells of one young person’s dedication to animal welfare. HERE

WAKEUP shrieks the appalling implications of Factory Farming. HERE

THE GALLERY outlines a range of Animals’ life experiences. HERE

TALES celebrates two inspirational memorials to horses & mules on the battle field : Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse together with paintings from a competition to illustrate the book, and a local statue, War Horse, in Ascot unveiled in June. HERE



VIVA, ever in solidarity,



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Goat Yoga

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Goat Yoga is ‘big’ in the US apparently; rapidly gathering enthusiastic joiners in the UK. From the imaginative response to her own challenges, Lainey Morse 45, from Oregon, has brought happiness to scores of people.

One such Goat Yoga class was featured by Kate Humble on her BBC Programme endorsing small- scale new ‘farm’ projects.

Another series of classes is promoted by Dartington Dairies ; an offshoot of Dartington Hall inspirations, over many years. ( The Dartington Trust founded in 1925 by Dorothy & Leonard Elmhirst is well worth researching as a transformative heart- land for thousands of visitors seeking inspiration around the arts, social justice and sustainability. ”It attracts people with big ideas who want to transform the world”).

And the facts: Petting animals releases stress-reducing hormones including serotonin ; there’s a similar effect from yoga practice.

Read about Goat Yoga – HERE – Goatyoga

Dartington Trust  – HERE – Dartington Hall




Tom and the City Farm Duckpond 


”I could start at the VERY beginning. Describing the very animal-based holidays and day trips I use to take as a kid. But the real beginning of the duck pond renovation project starts back in 2008, the year I started working at Deen City Farm”.


Tom’s Story with photos is continued on the Stories Page




Whistlejacket – George Stubbs

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Enter an Animal’s Consciousness 



War Horse – designed by sculptor Susan Leyland

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War Horse 

Wake Up

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No. 11 – Wake Up to and shout aloud…..facts about Factory Farming

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Head of Compassion in World Farming, Philip Lymbery states :

“There is a desperate need for joined-up action on Industrial Farming if we are to avoid a catastrophic impact on Earth”  – READ HIS ARTICLE HERE

IN ORDER FOR HUMANS TO BE ABLE TO BUY LOW COST MEAT – Interrelated conditions exist :-

  • In UK there are 1,674 intensive factory farms. Average space per. chicken 25cm x 25 cm. 94% chickens raised for meat in these conditions.
  • About 1/2 European antibiotics are given to livestock to combat infection & to enhance rapid animal growth. Infection spreads rapidly in factory farms.
  • Dutch scientists estimate 1/3 to 1/2 of antibiotic resistance in humans is due to infections originating in agriculture.
  • Poor working conditions for Farm Workers in factory farms: bacterial infections, cross contamination, excessive lines’ speed, exploitation, low wages
  • 5 privately owned firms control the new MEGA FARMS:- Faccenda, Moy Park, Cargill, 2 Sisters, Banham Poultry .They supply cheap meat to Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrison, Asda, Macdonalds, Nando,



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