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This has been difficult to compose. It is so PAINFUL to know about plastic pollution in our far distant oceans. First pain. Increasingly I felt ANGER. Anger that research, observation and consultation … have seemingly devoured time for action, over decades.

David Attenborough woke us up. ( Ah! The eternal prophetic voice). The wake-up is selling newspapers, sharpening government policy statements, really calling to the heart of myriad action groups in local communities.

So this website’s focus on striking the IMAGINATION’S match in the dark and the light … the swirling dynamic of YIN YANG interplay …are symbolised by a brief look at PLASTICS & PERMACULTURE.

WAKE UP is where to start reading; examples of ”power’s” talk and the oceans plight.

THE BLOG repeats Maya Angelou’s persistent message of resilience, beneath an image of Nature’s power of renewal.

THE STORY starts to explore PERMACULTURE … examples of personal actions which have spin-offs.

OUR GALLERY .. always fun to compose ! Has a few more mutters around negative and positive examples of the theme … plus lots of photos.

TALES details inspiring PERMACULTURE projects in a nearby big town.  Nearly at the end … we list a few of the many info sources used to compile this edition of TIA. And FINALLY we walk through an entrancing space, in Mexico.



VIVA, ever in solidarity,



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The dark nurtures growth

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Glory Falls

Glory falls around us
as we sob
a dirge of
desolation on the Cross
and hatred is the ballast of
the rock
which lies upon our necks
and underfoot.

We have woven
robes of silk
and clothed our nakedness
with tapestry.

From crawling on this
murky planet’s floor
we soar beyond the
birds and
throught the clouds
and edge our way from hate
and blind despair and
bring honor
to our brothers, and to our sisters cheer.

We grow despite the
horror that we feed
upon our own

We grow.

Maya Angelou

Poem from “I Shall Not be Moved,” Bantam Books


           Surfers Against Sewage


Over Land and Sea, to Aber 

 Stories from what we’d call … the global ‘Keep-going’ Campaign.


Firstly, let’s introduce ourselves to and find hope in, the inspiration of the international PERMACULTURE movement, whose ideas holds high a banner to positive action, through 3 CORE TENETS:-

  •  Care for the Earth through provisions for all life systems to continue and multiply
  •  Care for people – provision for people to access those resources necessary for their existence
  •  Return of surplus by reinvesting surplus back into the system to provide for the first two ethics; including Waste back into the system and recycling into usefulness.

The players in the following Stories wouldn’t (I don’t think) see themselves as part of Permaculture. That said, to me their Stories embellish these fine words with examples of vibrant action.




Hand of the Desert, Atacama

View Current Gallery –


Wake Up

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No. 10 – Wake Up to getting Mad as Hell about Plastic Waste

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( and loadsa other concerns !)

Organisations who hold power ARE responding to the pollution crisis :- e.g.

  • Plastic indispensable part of daily life; not an environment opportunity to maintain the circular economy . UK Plastics Pact : Aim,together create a sustainable system for plastics at the forefront of the circular economy.
  • “ EU declared war on plastic waste” Plan includes 350 mill. euros funding research to modernise plastic production and collection…..Each piece of packaging on the continent to be reusable /recyclable by 2030.
  • EU “Priority to clamp down on single-use plastic: 5 seconds to produce,5 minutes to use, 50 year’s to break- down”.
  • George Monbiot:” Oil companies will invest £130bn.globally in new plastic facilities in next 7 years…..UK Government’s praiseworthy “clean growth” policy, in practice entails more growth, more resources, more consumption.
  • Encouraging : proliferation in mass- circulation newspapers of articles photographs & campaigns plus social media petitions calling for government, commerce & consumer action to control useage & wastage & pollution.

AND it all RASPS AGAINST FACTS… AND THE FACT that the present crisis has been known and “hidden”, for decades..MYOPIA : near- sightedness.

  • 8 mill.tonnes of Plastic reach the sea every year.
  • By 2050 there will be more Plastic in oceans than fish.
  • 99% of seabirds will have eaten plastic.
  • average sea-food eater will have ingested 11,000 pieces of micro plastic,yearly.
  • Orb media reports billions of people in 12 countries drinking water contaminated by Plastic particles.
  • Plastic debris in oceans a growing hazard as toxins climb the food chain.
  • See list references at end of TALES SECTION of this website
  • I’m Mad As Hell Speech From Network (1976) 


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