This website has been created by Anne Yarwood, resident in Ascot for over 50 years, to show how individuals CAN effect change… can DO something about their concerns, in an imaginative way.


Dear Readers,

A New Year ! What’s the focus for our web- site, 18 months from start-up ?

Colouring-in our original vision of THE IMAGINATION’S CREATIVE POWER, is a scarlet sweep for ‘DOING BEYOND TALK’.

Scarlet merging with PURPLE strokes of the wax pastel , outlining SUSTAINABLE LEADERSHIP.

By the end of January, we will have completed presenting Stories of community projects in our area during the past decades.

2018 will find us continuing with Stories about individual women & men’s ‘HEROES’ JOURNEYS’.

We’re particularly interested to discover WHAT MAKES SOME PEOPLE CREATE …. what allows this to happen or not.

The name ‘POSITIVE DEVIANTS’ describes individuals in any community, who regardless of status and power, achieve success.

Einstein speaks for us all :-  ” IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know & understand, while IMAGINATION embraces the entire world and all there will be to know and understand.”

TIA features a BLOG: thought provoking glance; STORY: intrigued response; GALLERY with images to inspire; and TALES : expansive, so more a cuppa and biscuit moment….

And delighted to introduce WAKE UP ! a new page on TIA with snippets of information for our Readers which we hope you’ll find interesting and maybe inspire to take Imaginative Action and chat about … Do have a look at our new WAKE UP !


VIVA, ever in solidarity,




ALSO  – Video of their meeting at the Jordan border – HERE

REMINDER – LAST CHANCE ……… to see Rachel Whiteread’s exhibition at the Tate – closing 21 January  – HERE




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You Can Do It !

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Listing Stories of friends’ achievements in the Ascot, Windsor, Slough, Bracknell, Reading areas of Berkshire UK, currently and as legacies from the 1980s –

Bill Carey Craft Workshop, WEB Bus education, Play Centre Old Magistrate Court, Light House Peace Yurt, ‘Take Two’ Palestine- Israeli play, Play reading group, Wordsmiths writers’ group, Festival of the Dark, Windsor Homeless project, PARITY: equal rights for men & women, Scar healing in Sarajevo, Windsor International One Act Play competition, ASCENT Environment Network & Festival, Quiet Garden retreat at 30, Granny Kettle Wood: high court action to preserve trees, Wildlife in Ascot, Save Heatherwood Hospital, DOCS: Defend Our Community Services, ‘How Come We Didn’t Know?’ exhibition NHS privatisation, Community access to Ascot Races, The ‘Just Walk’ to Palestine, Surrey Swans: Gender fluidity group, Collections for CALM: male suicide, The Circle Works at 30, Values & Visions Foundation, Wells for India at 30, Mindfulness classes, INSECT ARMAGGEDON



You Can Do It !   


Whether it’s a cake bake (Christina & Harry 9 yrs.) or …

Raise money for Crisis ( Lesley & Martin) or …

Get together with friends to work out strategies for action.

Our Story is ASCENT’s report on ‘Speaking Truth to Power’ and reflects the experience and advice of community groups engaged with local initiatives.


Photo acknowledgement – Christine Searle

Wake Up

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No 6. – Why bottling up emotions is, erm, ludicrous ! – Campaign against Living Miserably

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One of our inspiring Stories in 2017, was a young friend’s commitment to raise £1,000 for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

Now we read of the charity’s effective work to prevent suicide in the young-male population in the UK – READ MORE HERE

CALM’s new research shows:

  • 84% of men in the UK say they bottle up their emotions
  • Nearly half said they suppress their emotions often or at least once day
  • Almost two in three (62%) 18-24 year olds saying they regularly hide their true feelings
  • The most common reasons men cited for not opening up about their emotions were not wanting to worry anyone (43%) and preferring to sort it out themselves (49%)
  • Men were also found to be much less likely than women to open up face-to-face (63% v. 72%), over the phone (16% v. 27%) or by text (17% v. 27%) about their feelings
  • Many men are feeling the pressure to ‘man up’ and bottle up their emotions, despite the fact the majority of people (52%) feel comfortable when a man opens up and half of us say we’re glad that a man has opened up to us

(YouGov 2017)

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