This website has been created by Anne Yarwood, resident in Ascot for over 50 years, to show how individuals CAN effect change… can DO something about their concerns, in an imaginative way.


Dear Readers,

A New Year ! What’s the focus for our web- site, 18 months from start-up ?

Colouring-in our original vision of THE IMAGINATION’S CREATIVE POWER, is a scarlet sweep for ‘DOING BEYOND TALK’.

Scarlet merging with PURPLE strokes of the wax pastel , outlining SUSTAINABLE LEADERSHIP.

By the end of January, we will have completed presenting Stories of community projects in our area during the past decades.

2018 will find us continuing with Stories about individual women & men’s ‘HEROES’ JOURNEYS’.

We’re particularly interested to discover WHAT MAKES SOME PEOPLE CREATE …. what allows this to happen or not.

The name ‘POSITIVE DEVIANTS’ describes individuals in any community, who regardless of status and power, achieve success.

Einstein speaks for us all :-  ” IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know & understand, while IMAGINATION embraces the entire world and all there will be to know and understand.”

TIA features a BLOG: thought provoking glance; STORY: intrigued response; GALLERY with images to inspire; and TALES : expansive, so more a cuppa and biscuit moment….

And delighted to introduce WAKE UP ! a new page on TIA with snippets of information for our Readers which we hope you’ll find interesting and maybe inspire to take Imaginative Action and chat about … Do have a look at our new WAKE UP !


VIVA, ever in solidarity,





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Amidst urgent advocacy, practical and emotional support for us all, when stricken…There’s the snuggle- into -a -woolly -jumper COMFORT. Sugary cake, birthday candles, watching Detectives on telly …reaching out for a “last” choccy. And HUGS.

I used to think signing off a note with “HUGS” was naff. No longer! Being enfolded, is what us children need. THERE’s so much bloody misery around !!!

One reason I’m resilient, I believe is because as a tiny child, I was hugged. Sat on my Father’s scraggy little knees, enfolded by his large hands or on my Mother’s knee; snuggling my head on her billowing breast. Held….

Now I’m 84. My friends and I “enfold” many a wonder and an horror. More and more, I love the bodily comfort of HUGS. D’you agree, dear Readers ?

See ‘Poems to hold on to’ by Diamond Twigg & Sophie Hannah –  HERE


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Is the theme of all of this edition of TIA.

Homeless under Castle walls: turning distressing incident into heartening action

The Leader of our local Council was preparing to request the local Police Authority to clear the streets of Vagrants before a forthcoming Royal Wedding.

Uproar! petitions, media coverage, Council debates, public meeting.

Our Story is the response from the Project Development Manager of the Town’s Windsor Homeless Project.


 Photo acknowledgement – David Levene for the Guardian


”Not everything has to be modern to be beautiful. This is my homeland, with its special charms and colours. I love it.” – Sunflower

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No.7 – Shoulder to Shoulder: with Refugees

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DAVOS 2017 – LEADERSHIP REPORT –  Rising nationalism, international tensions, runaway climate change. It’s tempting to despair of humanity at the start of 2017.  Instead of giving up, though, people are working to improve the world around them, whether through entrepreneurship, art, innovation or acts of personal courage.

INSPIRING people’s stories are here and include Tom Szaky and Yusra Mardini – HERE

Tom Szaky (photo above) – This man wants you to recycle everything. I mean everything: cigarette butts, diapers, toothbrushes. He’s the founder and CEO of Terracycle, a social enterprise that uses new technology to “up-cycle” waste into products, turning foil drink pouches into slouch bags, among other feats. His work has galvanized nearly 64 million people around the world into recycling action and offers an alternative business model at a time when research suggests there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.

Yusra Mardini – “Yes, I’m the girl who swam for her life, then swam at the Olympics. Now I want to tell you another story. It’s about my other name, my other identity. You see, my name is refugee. At least, that’s what they call me. Me and those 21 million others forced to flee persecution, war and violence.” Now living in Berlin and speaking up for the world’s displaced, Yusra tells her story HERE.

Refugee Statistics from UNHCR (2016) HERE (United Nations High Commission for Refugees)

  • We are now witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record.
  • An unprecedented 6 million people around the world have been forced from home.
  • Among them are nearly 5 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18. Of these – 17.2m UNHCR and 5.3m Palestinians UNRWA
  • There are also 10 million stateless people who have been denied a nationality and access to basic rights such as education, healthcare, employment and freedom of movement.
  • Refugees resettled in 2016 – 189,300
  • Where are the world’s displaced people being hosted – 30% Africa, 26% Middle East and North Africa, 17% Europe, 16% Americas, 11% Asia and Pacific
  • 55% of refugees worldwide came from 3 countries – South Sudan 1.4m, Afghanistan 2.5m and Syria 5.5m
  • Top Hosting countries – Turkey 2.9m, Pakistan 1.4m, Islamic Republic of Iran 979k, Uganda 941k, Ethiopia 792k

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