This website has been created by Anne Yarwood, resident in Ascot for over 50 years, to show how individuals CAN effect change… can DO something about their concerns, in an imaginative way.

Dear Readers,

This modest record of life in Ascot, South East England, where we’ve lived for over 50 years … is WAVING at other people who are inspired by the IMAGINATION & believe in the POWER OF STORY.

TIA’s VISION is to offer a HOSTED SPACE to record examples of my own & friends’ Inspired action, created by our own imaginations to empower CHANGE.  SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL & IT IS EVERYWHERE !

Faithfully keeping to our focus that OUR IMAGINATIONS POWER OUR ACTIONS, the website’s interest has covered a wide range of social, political, artistic and spiritual topics including:- Tender stories, social injustice, wild creatures, current international concerns, loved pets, and a lot of LEGACY tales about me & friends DOING STUFF, TOGETHER.

Einstein speaks for us all :-  ” IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know & understand, while IMAGINATION embraces the entire world and all there will be to know and understand.”

TIA features a BLOG: thought provoking glance; STORY: intrigued response; GALLERY with images to inspire; and TALES : expansive, so more a cuppa and biscuit moment….

And delighted to introduce WAKE UP ! a new page on TIA with snippets of information for our Readers which we hope you’ll find interesting and maybe inspire to take Imaginative Action and chat about … Do have a look at our new WAKE UP !


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ALSO  – Video of their meeting at the Jordan border – HERE




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Lying there just looking at the Moon

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I’ve spent ages this week thinking about a text to echo the photograph of Moon & Water. Several poems unearthed but inadequate for my Moon feelings.

Then last night in bed, I turned my head towards the three large windows, to my left. The house is over 100 years old. Black painted wooden eaves hunch over the window. Beyond, an 100 year Lawsonian pine. Here a Tawny Owl calls at dusk or dawn.

And THERE WAS THE MOON. Beaming, BEAMING white light into  my room. At 3 o’clock it had moved to the third window. At 5am it was out of sight.

All the writing and images in this edition of TIA, tell of human interventions with WATER. The musing you’re reading now, dwells on the miracle of water and miraculous tides drawn to bulge, by the miraculous Moon.

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Wells for India Thirty years On  

Sir Mark Tully writes the Preface to the book ‘ Thirsting for Water’ –

One of the most interesting books on development I have read recently is called ‘Poor Economics’ written by two Development Economists from MIT, Abhijit. V. Bannerjee and Esther Duflo. The book is based on fifteen years of field work, many of them in India. What is particularly interesting about the book is the authors’ finding that even when solutions to shortages of food or water, causes of illnesses, and economic distress are available the poor often do not want to make use of them. The authors say ‘The ladders to get out of the poverty trap exist but they are not always in the right place, and people do not seem to know how to step onto them, or even want to do so’.

For thirty years now Wells for India has been providing ladders by demonstrating effective means of increasing water supply, storing water through small-scale water harvesting works, and distributing it. From the start emphasis has been laid on working with villagers, collaborating with them, learning from them too so that the ladders the villagers need are put in place and they are ladders they want to climb up.


Photo acknowledgement – Villagers digging trench for water pipeline – Jon Willis

Wake Up

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No 5. – Water concerns

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WAKE UP to dire information from UN Agencies and practical interventions by NGO & Local community groups :-

UN World Water Reports  – HERE

*1000 Under 5’s die every day globally, from diarrhoeal diseases.

WASH : Managed Water, Sanitation, Hygiene is a dedicated UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-6). 2010 accepted as a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.

2.1 billion people lack safely managed drinking water. 4.5 billion people lack safely managed sanitation.

 * WaterAid UK –  1981 founded by UK Water Industry. Works in partnership with local organisation in 37 countries helping poor communities bring water and sanitation close to home. It also works to influence government water policies. President Prince Charles –  HERE

* History of Rainwater Harvesting –  HERE

* Waterharvest Charity, formerly Wells for India  – HERE

*UN 2017 Report : Waste Water in water reports – HERE

*Agriculture & meat production – HERE

Last 50 years increased useage – population growth & rising expectations in Western world. Agriculture is one largest footprints of water use eg nearly 1,800 gallons water to produce one pound beef; 576 gallons for one pound pork; 108 gallons for one pound corn.

*IFAD : International Fund Agricultural Development

Recognition of Indigenous people’s resourcefulness, including adapting to climate change. 370 million people worldwide. Sensitive to the environment, adaptive capacity, resilience, able to modify their behaviour  –  HERE


Cobra uses information & communication technologies. (ICT) to to help local communities document& promote their own solutions to sustainability challenges & inspire others locally, nationally, internationally – HERE . Watch the inspirational video: self- reliance & sustainability

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