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“Instructions for living a life.

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it”

Mary Oliver


The way I compose these website editions is a meander.

A subject catches my attention, then I recall stuff that I know…have experienced. Incidents are fleshed-out by reputable facts and wisdom from some of the Greats….activists and thinkers. Settling into the frolic of creating, I loosen-up. Talk with friends, read and READ. Get more imaginative. Then begin to see far deeper into the topic. Feel ignorant. Naive. Dabbling with ideas.

Leave it all for a day or so….clear the washing, pick the beans. Return, thinking “well! I’m learning loads…so will many a reader, I guess. I’m ”RAISING QUESTIONS”

The references are important. They signpost the meander

Thus: I read an alert about Civil Society by an Australian. He noted the fact that CS, NGOs, the vast international Volunteer Movement, all are finding their space for action, crucially including criticism of “authority”, steadily curtailed.

BLOG : the Nigerian poet Ben Okri, writing about the Grenfell fire, used here to bring hearts into the story of human engagement – HERE

STORY : a conversation between two men seeking radical ways to live. Rob Hopkins, Transition Movement, and Michael Bauwens, Belgian Economist and P2P Foundation  – HERE

GALLERY : banners raised by luminaries including Noam Chomsky; break-through projects in Indonesia and Amazonia; modest at-home activities in the UK … PLUS paintings from that power-house SHAPE ARTS  – HERE

TALES :  an impossibly likely Fairy Tale about all of this stuff  –  HERE

WAKEUP :  overviews of Civil Society in a time of rapid change  – HERE

ELSEWHERE : our new page which excites us TIA-ers.  Readers and Friends adding the passion of their own concerns – ‘News From Elsewhere’ …


November TIA theme :-   ‘HOUSE AND HOME’

I hope you enjoy ! – I’d be delighted to receive your feedback to




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Grenfell Tower, June 2017 – Ben Okri

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I could not get that burning tower out of my head. Bearing witness seemed the only thing to do. Three days after the fire I made my way there. Many years ago I used to live nearby and the tower was always in my periphery. I saw photographs of the dead before I saw the tower itself. Their faces were everywhere. They stared out from the undeniable reality of their lives. They were alive when those pictures were taken, alive like you and me. There were pictures on ordinary white paper, with their names below, sometimes their ages, and then the word MISSING. At that time their families still hoped they would be found. Seeing those faces on the wall, faces that were fresh with life, faces that were serious with a sense of the insurmountable problems of life, faces of a young couple that showed them happy and in love—I was quite overcome. Even before I had walked a few yards, I was already fighting the tears.

Acknowledgement – FT 8 June 2018





Report From Bosnia  

 15 – 23 October, 2016

Having met the Healing Hands Network at a conference one weekend, I asked if many of their clients had scars.  “Nearly all of them” came the reply.  So, I offered to get a team of ScarWork therapists together to go to Sarajevo and help; my colleagues were Kat Chu, Emma Holly and Megan Bennett.  We raised the money through online donation, and took a week out of our clinics.  Filmmaker Georgie Scurfield accompanied us.  This is my diary, written while we were there.



Wake Up

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No. 14 – Civil Society

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The size of the THIRD SECTOR globally and its relationship with UK GOVERNMENT –

  • Global Civil Society has mushroomed into global workforce of 350 million professionals and volunteers. If this workforce were a country, it would be the third most populous …. following China & India.
  • World Economic Forum :- ”Closing space for civil society reduces the chances that these challenges will be effectively addressed’’ – HERE
  • World Economic Forum – “5 challenges for Civil Society in the 4th Industrial Revolution “ –  HERE 
  • UK HMG Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport published first Civil Society Strategy for fifteen years. Proposes Third Sector be increasingly involved in design of public services: view NOT supported by general public  HERE 
  • Charities Aid Foundation notes the SPACE between Government and the charitable sector is being shrunk, with implications for the latter’s reduced critical and championing role. The Third Sector role is predominantly “speaking ON BEHALF of the disadvantaged’’ – HERE 
  • UN special Rapporteur MAINA KIANI ( 2011- 2017), UN Human Rights Council visited UK 2013 and 2016. Noted that businesses received markedly more favourable responses from HMG than the Third Sector, particularly application procedures.

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