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Dear Readers,

This month’s theme is –

SELF EMPLOYMENT: Choice or Necessity?

I chose this theme because Volunteering and Small Community Groups have featured large on the website. Women and Men’s hands outstretched to take customers’ money…direct exchange …called for attention. Recollections of Self Employed individuals came from experiences within my small village comfort. Around here, ‘money to hand’ balances ‘help’ needed. Then I woke up one night ashamed at my limited vision. Not been thinking of nearby URGENCIES TO EARN ….. Distant places worldwide DESPERATION TO SURVIVE.

THE BLOG starts off with buoyant success …Riverford Organic Vegetable deliveries.

THE STORY stays within a picture of a Coffee Merchant’s success, based on security of background.

THE GALLERY introduces community determination to emerge from war- torn chaos; unleashing Self Employment potential by Intermediaries; young high- flyers in Europe and finally Ants; the story of a local Project, ‘Insect Armageddon’ which alerts to honouring fellow ‘workers’.

TALES returns to heartening words from local Self Employed; they say ‘work for myself… freedom, hard work mostly using my physical strength and long – honed skills and with my HANDS’.

WAKE UP trumpets Self Employment whilst unearthing limitations within the sector requiring serious Government overhaul action.


VIVA, ever in solidarity,



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Riverford Organic Foodboxes

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Starting 25 years ago, Riverford was one of the first pioneering organic vegetable box schemes, in the UK. From the family farm GUY WATSON delivered first to 30 friends in Devon; a business which has grown to 47,000 deliveries in the UK. Within the 4 English farms and 1 in France, Riverford has a dairy herd, a dairy producing yoghurt and cheese, poultry, farm shop, kitchen and bakery, meat box business and Field Kitchen restaurant.

“We work with a number of small-scale organic producers supplying everything from mushrooms to mayonnaise. They’re an interesting bunch. Some are innovators, others preserve valuable traditions.”

In addition, Riverford support the ‘Send a Cow’ project in Uganda with customer £1 donations (added to their order), plus fundraising to the tune of £204,000. The aim is to support sustainable living from small plots of land, teaching the families about access to markets and wealth creation.

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The Coffee Merchant’s Story : Duncan Rayner 

Duncan takes us alongside himself, going up and down through boyhood to becoming a Coffee Merchant.

Read his Story ….

Wake Up

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No. 9 – Self Employment UK 2017/8

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WAKE UP trumpets Self Employment whilst unearthing limitations within the sector requiring serious UK Government overhaul action.

Self employed 4.6 million, represent 15% UK workforce. Increase of 800,000 since 2008.

Self Employed at lower end of market – take home pay considerably less than Employed.

1/3 families have no savings: issue of nil pension provision

Government policy / practice intervention urgently required e.g. cut Red Tape, incentivise savings, taxation administration clarified/ simplified, flexible systems in general, legal definition of Self Employment.

Accessible ongoing support plus education for young people to better prepare them for Self Employment


Who are the Self Employed ? -New Policy Institute (npi)  SEE HERE

Who are the Self Employed ?  – CAB ( Citizens Advice Bureau)   SEE HERE and  SEE HERE

Self Employment Review – an independent report by Julie Deane OBE .

“The labour market has changed, and continues to change. The opportunities have never been greater”  SEE HERE

Enterprise for All – Review 2010-15 by Lord Young of Graffam   SEE HERE

Make it Work – Gingerbread   SEE HERE

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