This website has been created by Anne Yarwood, resident in Ascot for over 50 years, to show how individuals CAN effect change… can DO something about their concerns, in an imaginative way.

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This month’s theme is:-


This is my 85th Birthday Edition. Its theme is HOMES HOUSES; my most cherished subject; the instinctual drive in all species, to provide a place of SAFETY for the next generation.

The theme HOMES HOUSES is twisting around, as our themes always do. So as I write, ideas meander or gush out. In my comfy setting – I can think of the heart-centre of homes everywhere…of beauty, safety. Then of the fabric and the inhabitants, from my home here in comfortland… then in gushes HURT ( in the terms of the website’s last edition: Opposites of Hate). Hurt within the confines of the home … hurting one another … and myriad ‘households’ forced to risk the ruinous hurt of Nature’s onslaughts.

So I invite us to look at our own experience as humans, of the distinction between a built HOUSE … got my own … no hope of my own … AND HOME … safety, close the door on the world; intimacy.

Sections of the website keep on waving at ideas of INDIVIDUAL’s IMAGINATIVE, BOLD ACTION; honours LISTENING particularly to the ignored; sloshing around because you’ve been thrown into the mud as opposed to chosen PLAYFULLNESS; FURY at power researched , discussed , ultimately unchallenged; above all … humankind’s RESPONSIBILITY for destruction of safe habitat for all species.


Blog imagines the essence, the soul of the home: Greek goddess Hestia –HERE

Story listens to a young man’s devotion to beauty, to flowers – HERE

Wakeup is energy-draining awfulness..rousing sufferers’ anger- in -action – HERE.

Gallery scans contrasting images which may sprout answers to a few questions – HERE.

Tales reflect one thinker’s experience of home, as space to Be –  HERE.

Elsewhere : two INNOVATORS’ definitions of “ home” – HERE .

The first takes us to an inspired home-creator, for the child in all of us. We also hear an Environmentalist explain her listening and empowering work alongside Indigenous people.


Finally, the triumph of a health campaign to save a local HOSPITAL : most valued home here, for 90 years so many locals bewailed in the campaign “but my baby was BORN there”.  And a closing note … drone research from Syria.


MARCH TIAwe’re delighted that KESTY JAKES will be our Guest Editor for March. Kesty and her husband, Martin, own a small woodland in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Over the last twenty years they have transformed 5 acres of neglected woods on the urban fringe. Kesty loves her family, home and woodland and has no aspirations to travel outside Laurie Lee’s beautiful Slad Valley. She is now entering a new phase of her life as her two children have grown up ….. READ MORE IN MARCH !

Warm greetings to you all and I hope you enjoy HOMES HOUSES.

Anne Yarwood


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Homes, Houses

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“Hestia: goddess of fire, the hearth”The first - born of the Olympians; symbol of the home, around whom the newborn child would be carried before being received by the family.Some years ago a friend Sarah and I painted, every week. Our teacher Becky helped us enter the space of PAINTING FROM MEDITATION; detaching our conscious minds from our painting...inspired by British painter Cecil Collins’ paintings of visionary subjects. Collins attacked the great spiritual betrayal of love and the workings of life by the dominance of the scientific and technical view of life. He was inspired by poet William Blake. I recall my painting of Hestia. Squat figure, enveloped in Cerulean blue cloak, cross- legged on the floor, tending a small fire on the ground before her. I feel her presence now ... safe, reliable, a defender.Ref. Cecil Collins -  HEREWilliam Blake video ‘Room’ -  HEREWilliam Blake - Khan gallery -  HERE 


Morgan – winning his first major award at Chelsea Flower Show

 Homes and Houses and SHOPS and FLOWERS  

I wonder, dear reader, where you shop? Are you in a town with food sold in Supermarkets? In open country with a few shops, or near markets or food stalls in bustling streets ? How much food do you grow yourselves out of custom and necessity or as a hobby? I’m recalling my experience as a child in wartime England, my mum’s shopping basket on my arm, trundling down to self – owned small shops ( especially important THE TRIPE SHOP )… fuelled by queues of women clutching their family ration- books… and early motherhood in Malaysia, out with the crowds, in the cool of the evening. Three-layered, enamel Makan tins in our hands … off to the local food stalls. Filling up with Nasi Lemak with crisp Ikan Bilis, Satay spiked on bamboo sticks.

In contrast, here in Ascot there’s a short High Street. Only one bakery, a butcher, a hardware store. The rest … estate agents, two pubs AND a FLOWER SHOP – Old Oak Florist.

Come on! We’ll pop in! through the narrow door past ranks of potted Spring flowers on the pavement… into the sweetest scents from banks of every colour flowers on waist- high benches.

Here, one day I met the owner Morgan who introduced me to THE image of last Autumn, troubling time for the U.K. …COLOMBIAN ROSES. Stacked together..expensive blooms of cream, pink, mauve, scarlet, yellow.

Long strong stems…an intention to live-long.


Wake Up

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No. 16 – Wake Up to information, national and international, about Home

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The forecast worldwide is that that owning a house is the prerequisite of the wealthyIn London 1,137 people sleep rough on average, every nightSleeping rough shortens lives to average 47 as opposed to the national norm of 77 years.Every year, year on year, failure to tackle the supply system ratchets up the pressure on English housing. Many more families will suffer from over- crowding, more families will struggle with rising rents and larger mortgages, fewer young people under 30 will be able to leave the parental home. Shelter.Truth about property developers: how they are exploiting the planning process and ruining our cities -  HERE ‘No (Mrs May) -the housing crisis will not be solved by building more houses.The Crisis is the result of banking failure’ -  HERE Grenfell Tower - HEREGlobal figures: likely be 1.3 billion without Houses. UN Sustainable Development goals at best over- ambitious, at worst DELUSIONAL.Medellin, Colombia: remaking the world’s most dangerous city. The remarkable example of change happening because of radical leadership - HEREAND AT THE FRONT OF OUR MINDS..MIGRANT data -…

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