1. Born in West Derby, LIVERPOOL Council housing estate 24 January 1934, an only child. Parents  Arthur Davies & Lilian (Nee Brookfield)  experienced challenges of disablement, poverty and as a balance, the post-war awakening of community self- reliance.

2.  1939 moved to BIRMINGHAM. Arthur appointed to new post Organising Secretary of Birmingham Council for COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS  following his work with Tenants’ Associations & The Liverpool Settlement.

3. WW2 : A child’s experience of air raids.My Mummy and me evacuated to BARMOUTH, North Wales for a year. The start of my passion for the  Mawddach estuary, Cader Idris and feeling Welsh.

4. Kidderminster HIGH SCHOOL for GIRLS for next 12 years. Living in rented rooms BEWDLEY, Worcestershire. Delight in exploring the country-side; me and my Mummy. Moved to small market town of KIDDERMINSTER.

5. MANCHESTER University : History
1953 Arthur smashed- up in CAR ACCIDENT. Cared for by Lilian. Experience of redundancy, immobility, poverty, scant support , loneliness: intense anxiety, nay desperation.

6. Met David, Consultant Engineer. Cambs graduate. LOVE. Taught BETHNAL GREEN, Bonner Primary school.
MARRIAGE . First baby CUCKFIELD , Sussex. Lived  near LONDONDERRY Northern Ireland Second child. Bought first house ASCOT, Berkshire. Third child.

7. MALAYSIA five years of formative experiences of other cultures.

8. My parents both died before we returned. Left modest amount money . Bought 130 year old converted stables, ASCOT where we have lived for the following 50 years.

9. Raising our three children. David working in TURKEY , IRAQ.
Post- grad. Diploma SOCIOLOGY, READING

10. MA PUBLIC &  SOCIAL ADMINISTRATION, BRUNEL under Professor Maurice Kogan.
Dissertation based on local experience of a Play Bus.
Coordinator JOINT FINANCE Health Division Social Services, Reading.
Increasingly involved with local WDM ( World Development Movement). Set- up modest DEV. ED. (Development Education) project in East Berks. Funded by new LABOUR Government’s innovative Dev. Ed. Fund, Ministry of Overseas Development.

11. Left paid employment for voluntary Dev. Ed .Organising and Counselling in BRACKNELL.
Founded the WEB  (World Education Berkshire) BUS project. SLOUGH Berkshire 1983. Three years later it became RISC ,  READING INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY
CENTRE. Worked with NADEC National Association of Development Education Centres.

12. 1987 Elected during four plus years to represent UK Development Education NGOs at the European Commission / European  NGO  ( DG. 8 of the Commission) committee.
Involved in organising two of the first INTERNATIONAL Grassroots Dev. Ed. Conferences in ARHUSS, Denmark & the former EAST BERLIN.

13. Aged 60 retreated to home where organised over the next 20 years,with friends,a wide variety of small group meetings under the  title HOSTED SPACES ; inspired by the BETHNAL GREEN  “THE CIRCLE WORKS” project .Topics covered for example, complementary health, development economics, yoga, painting from meditation, personal development, play reading, creative writing, retreat days, local campaigns.
Working at an outward and also an inner level, I saw many individuals and couples for COUNSELLING  in a newly created room at home; formally the coach house for two small vehicles.

14. Husband’s  retirement, grand children, home, garden, church.
2000 onwards, created two  major local educational projects ASPEN , Ascot Peace Education Project “THE LIGHT HOUSE” , following The INVASION of IRAQ.
ASCENT: ASCOT & the SUNNINGS ENVIRONMENT NETWORK. : a TRANSITION initiative focussing on the challenge of CLIMATE CHANGE.

Together with the late and greatly loved Geoff Moss, received the Royal Maunday Money in 2014 from the Queen following nomination by All Saints church for services in support of the retention of Heatherwood Hospital and education about the environment

15.  2015. Produced  “TAKE TWO” : a play about Palestine.

16. At 82, reached a watershed, when realised I would stop community organising.
Beginning THE IMAGINATION ACTS  web- site with elder daughter, Sally, as a means of exploring my experience of brilliant imaginative action during 50 years.

17. March 2018. With friends, set-up INSECT SOS in the, Bracknell, Ascot, Windsor area in response to the potentially catastrophic decline in INSECTS, globally.  Aim: to interview local grass & woodland Managers about their policies & practices, as they affect insects and report back to a public meeting, a year hence.