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  • Busy-ness – why this is so damaging
  • HIRN – following an introduction in our last edition, we continue friends’ updates on Hebron
  • Assange’s arrest – Media Lens looks at the implications 
  • Madagascar Rain forests – Health in Harmony updates on their work with local rainforest communities
  • Maningrida women artists come to Paris – an update from the Bawinganga Aboriginal Corporation 
  • Changing the World, drop by Drop – by the Lemonaid and Chari Tea project
  • Radical tea towels – Henry David Thoreau’s words from Doctrine of Civil Disobedience 
  • Two poets and transforming words on Friendship – David Whyte and John O’Donohue
  • Ivon Hitchens and colour – wonderful exhibition currently at Pallant House Gallery
  • We Love Sunflowers – photos from EarthSky – uplifting for summer !
  • Free Tibet – news about this organisation who watch over human rights in Tibet
  • Ancient Yew Trees – find out about legal protection for these ancient trees 
  • Pablo Casals’ words of wisdom and creation of ‘Borderless Lullabies’
  • Dr Gail Bradbrook – Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion, talks about the right to rebel and the need for rebellious farmers 


Why busy-ness is so damaging


Our economic and political order fuels a state of constant activity which harms both individual and community well-being.






Hebron International Resources Network (HIRN) – by Friends of HIRN

Following an introduction to HIRN in our last edition, we continue friends’ reports which powerfully alert us to the continuing gross injustice in Palestine:-

Friends of HIRN update –

Another friend we met through Hamed is part of an Israeli/Palestinian/internationals venture called The Good Shepherd Collective. This group give ‘on the ground’ support when villagers are facing aggression from the settlers, with the supporting Israeli ‘Defence’ Force adding to the pressure.

This is the latest news about that village featured in the video on the HIRN website last month.  Our friend, Cody writes:

“On June 17th, demolitions began in Khalet al Dabeh. with the demolition of a home belonging to Mohammad al Dababsh. In the process, soldiers brutalized Omar al Dababsh, leaving him injured and awaiting the ambulance to arrive and treat his injuries.

“That same day, Good Shepherd Collective field worker Tariq Hathaleen was attacked by two Israeli military informants on the way to house demolitions in Masafer Yatta, breaking his camera and taking his cell phone. (Tariq featured in that video ‘A Boy, a Shepherd and a Bulldozer’).

“The following day on June 18th, the Israeli Civil Administration and the Israeli military entered the village of Um al-Khair, detaining and assaulting village elder Hajj Suleiman..

“The community has viewed this as part of the development of a plan to demolish the community, and subsequently called for an international presence to be permanently encamped in the village.

“On June 20th, two shepherds from the village of Atuwani were attacked by settlers. from the Havat Ma’on outpost while they grazed their sheep.

“On June 26th, the Israeli military carried out demolitions in Deir Ballout., destroying the village’s agricultural facilities.

“On July 3rd, bulldozers moving into the South Hebron Hills alongside Israeli military forces, stopped to bulldoze the public park, located between Khashem Daraj and Um al Khair–a space of particular importance to the communities in the South Hebron, as green spaces are few and far between. During the nonviolent resistance by the local community, Hajj Suleiman was again detained and arrested.. (For a video of the demolitions, click here..)

“On July 4th, the Israeli Civil Administration along with the Israeli military drove to Masafer Yatta, east of Dkaika village and into a nature reserve owned by the Ka’abneh tribe. They blocked the area and did not allow the people of the village, photographers, nor activists to enter before proceeding to uproot approximately two hundred trees, and demolish three water cisterns and about one thousand meters of fencing..

Cody goes on: with the community of Um al-Khair under a renewed threat of the demolition of at least 45 different homes and structures, we’ve had to both maintain a physical international presence in the community and provide support to the outlying areas. This is a pretty big task for a small, gritty organization like ours with only four part-time volunteers and a handful of loyal, unwavering interns.

It is important to understand what these communities are enduring on nearly a daily basis. Furthermore, these instances only represent the few that the Good Shepherd Collective was able to directly observe.

We view the ongoing violence as a program of settler colonialism and not as a conflict; the many individual, but interconnected incidents either perpetuate the displacement of indigenous communities or commodify them and their natural resources as a means of economic gain.

You may not be in a position to help these communities directly, but if you are a UK citizen, you can make a gift-aided donation to GSC through the British Shalom-Salaam Trust.



Assange arrest – ‘So now he’s our property’

Chris Hedges, formerly a reporter with the New York Times, gave an ominous warning:

”The arrest [on April 11] of Julian Assange eviscerates all pretense of the rule of law and the rights of a free press”.

MEDIA LENS provides information – READ HERE

And the Guardian comments – HERE


Protecting the Rainforest so the Earth Can Breathe – Health in Harmony updates on Madagascar

Health in Harmony update – We’re gearing up to begin programs later this year with rainforest communities in Madagascar’s Manombo Special Reserve  —  and the communities have expressed an eagerness to work with us! 

For example, women in Manombo weave mats and baskets from manampy reeds which they use and also sell at local markets. But we’ve heard from these communities that these native reeds are becoming scarce as the forest degrades. Now these women are excited to become more involved in alternative, sustainable livelihoods. 

Manombo Special Reserve in Madagascar is a unique ecosystem, home to extraordinary biodiversity, including critically endangered species of lemurs, a primate that exists nowhere else on the planet.

But a paved road is being built in the region which will increase the pace of rainforest degradation dramatically. We will work with communities and support them in a just transition to sustainable economic options for their families — before the road can accelerate destruction of this critical rainforest.  




Help Maningrida women artists get to Paris – by the Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation

Project brief: This October, Bábbarra Women’s Centre’s textiles will be exhibited at the Australian Embassy in France.

Our campaign is supporting the various costs of producing this exhibition, and of getting five artists and two managers/curators over to France to be part of the exhibition opening and to share our story with the world.

Our exhibition

The exhibition is titled ‘Jarracharra’ meaning dry season winds in Burarra, one of our languages from Maningrida. Jarracharra has been co-curated by Jessica Phillips, a Burarra woman from Blyth river country and Ingrid Johanson, Manager of Bábbarra Women’s Centre.

Our exhibition features textile works from artists from 12 Indigenous language groups. The chance for us to travel to ‘Jarracharra’ will ensure that our artists are key in representing their own works.

UPDATE:  We have hit our initial target, however we are still gratefully accepting your donations. Any additional funds will be allocated to important Paris project expenses, such as accommodation in Paris for two weeks, producing a catalogue for our exhibition, freight and transport while in Paris.


Changing the World, drop by drop  – Lemonaid and Chari Tea project


We started the Lemonaid & ChariTea project to incite and shape the process of social change.

With each bottle we want to make a small contribution. We want to change the world drink by drink. A little, at least. Beyond Fairtrade, every bottle purchased supports the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation. So far, we’ve raised more than € 4,000,000 which the organisation can now put to good use for a variety of social projects in the growing regions.




Radical Tea Towels – The Doctrine of Civil Disobedience : Henry David Thoreau


When the US invaded Mexico in 1846, Henry David Thoreau stopped paying his taxes. His essay explaining why went on to change the world.




And if you’d like a tea towel –  HERE !





Two poets …. transforming words

David Whyte

David Whyte on the True Meaning of Friendship, Love, and Heartbreak – “All friendships of any length are based on a continued, mutual forgiveness. Without tolerance and mercy all friendships die.”  READ HERE 






John O Donohue

Anam Cara and the Essence of True Friendship: Poet and Philosopher John O’Donohue on the Beautiful Ancient Celtic Notion of

Soul-Friend – “A friend … awakens your life in order to free the wild possibilities within you.”  READ HERE





Ivon Hitchens : Space through Colour

Ivon Hitchens, Red Centre, 1972


For Hitchens – colour is light and light is space

Exhibition at Pallant House Gallery

29 June  – 13 October 2019






We Love Sunflowers

Jennifer Coulter said, “The common buckeye butterfly & a South Carolina sunflower … a match made in heaven!”


EarthSky asked you to share your sunflowers pics for their 2019 sunflower gallery, and wow!

Laura Bates-Haberstroh took this photo in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Here are some of the favourites.









Tibet Watch

We document and expose the ongoing human rights abuse in Tibet using a wide range of sources. Our researchers collect information from a network of brave individuals who are committed to ensuring that the world hears the truth about China’s repression and brutality – and Tibetan resistance. We also carry out interviews with newly arrived Tibetan refugees, monitor Chinese government websites and media, track changes in policy or law and review both Tibetan and English language news.




Ancient Yew Trees – gaining legal protection for our ancient trees

What we are doing in our own way, is unearthing ancient truths and forgotten sacred knowledge, in order to re-instate them and re-infuse the mystery and knowledge of the Tree of Life into the life blood of our own culture and heritage, enabling the rebuilding of a sense of the sacred through the thousands of years old yew trees, left to us by our ancestors.





Pablo Casals – Borderless Lullabies: Musicians and Authors in Defense of Refugee Children

You must cherish one another. You must work — we all must work — to make this world worthy of its children,” Pablo Casals, the greatest cellist of the first half of the twentieth century, counseled humanity in the final years of a long life filled with music as a conduit of beauty and cross-cultural understanding.






Dr Gail Bradbrook – Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion


Speaking at the Sustainable Food Trust’s Farming and Climate Change conference, July 2019