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  • East Berkshire and Reading Housing Campaign – request for support
  • Local Insects SOS 2nd Public Meeting – Tuesday 21 May 7.30 – 9.30 pm at Ascot Heath CE Junior School
  • Environment and Climate Change Emergency – call for action by Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
  • Zephorium Positive Health and Beauty – new centre opened by Sarah Cox in Petersfield 
  • Obsessed – a new organic affordable makeup line created by Millicent Gibbs
  • Truth and Reconciliation in post-Brexit Britain – Robin Richardson

Photo acknowledgement – Sue Yarwood. Our sister Sue, in Sidmouth planted 100 Tulips : aching back. They sprung up next Spring : glorious. Summer rains near- demolished them. Here we see them as “good enough”. Parable for our times ?


End the Housing Crisis – East Berkshire & Reading Housing Campaign 

Defend Our Community Services & Save Heatherwood Hospital supporters recently came together at a well-attended public meeting in Windsor to launch a campaign to END THE HOUSING CRISIS. We are concerned local activists from Ascot, Bracknell, Reading, Slough and Windsor who see, in our communities fewer home owners, so-called “affordable” house building at a 24 year low, rough sleeping rising sharply and rents rising year after year faster than wages. Therefore, we believe that this is a national scandal in the fifth richest country in the world.

We call upon the Government to:-

  1. Provide and maintain adequate levels of council housing at low rents, end the transfer of council homes to housing associations and invest directly in housing stock.
  2. Build 100,000 homes per year made up of both rented and homes to buy, all controlled by local councils.
  3. Introduce rent controls, 3-5 year tenancies and tighter regulation to end exploitative rents, insecurity and unfit living conditions.
  4. Ensure that suitable accommodation for elderly and vulnerable people is always available and of the highest standard.
  5. Ensure that homes built on public land are publicly owned and that regeneration benefits the public rather than the developers.

The East Berkshire and Reading Housing Campaign has been created in order to link up various anti-cuts and trade union campaigns to develop a co-ordinated strategy that is inclusive for all those who want to unite under our campaign on the basis of our 10 main demands.

Contact  for further information



Local Insects SOS 2nd Public Meeting – Tuesday 21 May 7.30 – 9.30 pm at Ascot Heath CE Junior School  

Speaker: John Deakin, Chief Forester, The Crown Estate

Followed by reports from project volunteers on our year’s activity speaking with local Managers of grass and woodlands about their everyday practice as it affects insect habitats.

Disabled access. Children welcome. Tea and biscuits. Free entrance. No Booking required.

For more information – please ring Anne Yarwood 01344 621167 or email and visit the Insect SOS page on






Environment and Climate Change EMERGENCY

Take action to address the Environment and Climate Emergency !

ASCENT has joined a coalition of local groups with the sole aim of calling on the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) Council to declare an Environment and Climate Emergency ! Our aim is to ensure all current and future policies are consistent with averting further climate change and ecological collapse, and to put in place a plan to reduce carbon emissions in the Borough to net zero by 2030.

At a local level in RBWM, individuals and groups have gained prominence over the last decade supporting wildlife in our area, opposing expansion at Heathrow, protecting green space, promoting renewable energy, reducing plastic pollution and improving air quality. And yet… carbon emissions continue to go up, the planet continues to get warmer and thousands of species continue to decline. Earlier this month we heard that the UK is now set to miss its 2025 and 2030 emissions targets by an even larger margin than before. Time is running out!

Please join us in our actions by signing the petition at , helping to collect more signatures, and joining the RBWM Climate Emergency Coalition facebook group.



Zephorium Positive Health and Beauty – new centre opened on 13 April 2019 in Petersfield 


We’re really excited to be finally having our own showcase not only for the products but for our treatments and what we believe to be healthy facials and skincare. The emphasis of Zephorium Positive Health and Beauty is on creating and maintaining healthy skin through a holistic body approach which will include Zephorium Energy Alignment Therapy to balance the chakras and also stocking natural products to help correct healthy gut flora and skin balance. We always believe that nature knows best but will be using the best in non-invasive science and equipment along with our natural products – the best of both worlds.

01730 895255 / 07931957645 – at 14 Lavant Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3EW

Photo acknowledgement – Sarah Cox – new Zephorium centre and Sarah Cox ( Founder of Zephorium) and Mel Mortimer, the beautician who ‘loves people with her hands’.



The Imagination ACTING: Millie Gibbs, one of my Carers, has started her own MAKEUP business – ‘Obsessed’

Millie’s Story Behind – My goal was to create what I had been looking for and couldn’t find. There are great makeup companies out there, but the problem for me with a lot of them was the price. So I knew I had to create products that were just as good but affordable.  The other problem I found was that most companies test on animals and that doesn’t sit right with me at all. I looked at makeup that was cheaper, but the quality was nowhere near the same. So here we have my new brand ‘Obsessed’.

It is cruelty free, vegan, organic, safe for skin, irritant and stain proof, beautiful AND affordable.         FB – OBSESSED MAKEUP    INSTA – OBSESSEDMAKEUP.MG



Truth and Reconciliation in post-Brexit Britain – Robin Richardson

A note to past and present friends and comrades in development education and world studies. I have been asked by the Curator of the Transformation website to help publicise the blogpost cited below. I hope you will be interested to glance at it and will be minded to share the link with others.

The curator is Mike Edwards – early 1980s development education officer at VSO, now based in New York, and author of a wide range of publications and reports about the role of NGOs in global society.   www.opendemocracy