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THE NEW YEAR 2020 yearns for examples of individual’s positive WAKE-UP words and actions.

Here’s examples reaching us from national and international sources.


  • PERMACULTURE – update from a new permaculture centre 
  • ANGSBACKA – Course and Festival Centre, Sweden
  • ART CAN HELP – how Art Basel Miami tackled the climate crisis
  • CHURCH OF ENGLAND APPOINTMENT – Next Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell
  • SUSTAINABLE FOOD TRUST – HRH Prince Charles to be the new Patron
  • LB MERTON – Climate Change Emergency – local action being taken  
  • ‘THE HEART OF JUSTICE IS TRUTH TELLING’ – Science and Nonduality (SAND)
  • AUSTRALIAN TREES – this is what happened when an Australian City gave Trees Email Addresses
  • YOUR FAVOURITE TREE – The Guardian asks readers to share pictures and stories
  • Epiphany Declaration: 20 Christian organisations divest from fossil fuels  



PERMACULTURE – Update from Our New Permaculture Centre

We (Aranya and partner Jules) have been living in Trelowia now for over 3 months and learning a lot about the land and buildings. While we’re really excited about developing the site we know that’s it’s important to spend plenty of time observing before making any big decisions.


READ HERE – Update from our new centre





ANGSBACKA – Course and Festival Centre, Sweden

Ängsbacka is a Course and Festival Center for personal and spiritual growth, located amidst the beautiful forests & lakes of Värmland, in Sweden. Since 1997 thousands of people have travelled from all over the world to experience the magic, warm, open and loving atmosphere.

We host 10 festivals and a big number of courses per year in the field of personal development and holistic health such as tantra, yoga, dance, shamanism, self-actualization & self-realization, mindfulness, coaching etc.

Ängsbacka is run by a staff of 20 members and between 20 – 40 volunteers who live here all year-round. In our summer high season, that number increases to 200!

READ HERE – Angsbacka



ART CAN HELP –  how Art Basel Miami tackled the climate crisis

Over the last few days, this year’s Art Basel Miami has been making headlines for a banana. The artwork, worth $120,000 and consisting of one taped to a wall, became an irresistible viral hit, even more so when it was eaten.

But beyond the silliness, sustainability was a dominating theme this year at the 17th edition of the week-long art event, which always draws art lovers to over 300 exhibitions, a dozen art fairs and hundreds of VIP parties. Which is ironic, considering Miami art week is probably the most excessive contemporary art event in America; champagne bottles are strewn across South Beach with locals picking up the litter after partygoers, celebrities and art aficionados are long gone.

The climate emergency is making a statement at the art fair circuit, pointing fingers at yachts, the luxury lifestyle, automobile pollution and water bottles. But is it sellable? One curator says that protest art isn’t commercial but artists have invested their time regardless. As the Norwegian artist Thale Fastvold recently said: “Science has a communication problem that art can solve.” Here are some artworks doing that precisely.

READ HERE – Art Basel Miami




The Rt.Rev. Stephen Cottrell currently  Bishop of Chelmsford, is named as the next Archbishop  of York. As Bishop of Reading in the early 2000’s, he woke-up many church- goers urging us to campaign, during the subsequent decade in Berkshire U.K. He rallied us to make Climate Change a priority for prayer, education and action.

The photo is of Stephen Cottrell  when Bishop of Reading, with members of All Saints church Ascot. He rallied churches in the Bracknell Deanery to awaken congregations to Climate Change when the crisis was scarcely in the public domain. We did that at All Saints …went on one of the first demos in London 2009. Held monthly meetings as “Eco Explorers, for the next 10 years. Built a local environment network in the area: ASCENT – Ascot & the Sunnings  Environmental Network. Under the leadership of our Rector, Darrell Hannah, the challenge for the CofE to divest from the fossil fuel industry, travelled through all levels of the CofE structure.

In our experience, Bishop Stephen speaks directly, boldly. He inspires. He sent us forth! Bishops can lead.


READ HERE –  about the appointment



SUSTAINABLE FOOD TRUST – HRH Prince Charles to be the new Patron

‘We are delighted to announce that HRH The Prince of Wales has accepted an invitation to become the Patron of the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT)’.

The announcement was made at the launch of the organisation’s Progress Report on Monday 9th December which outlines the development and successes of the SFT over the last 8 years.

Commenting on the announcement, Patrick Holden, Founder and CEO of the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) said, “The decision by The Prince of Wales to accept this invitation comes at a vital moment in history, when the pressures that unsustainable land management, farming and food production systems are putting on the planet’s ecosystems, are threatening to precipitate irreversible climate change, biodiversity collapse, the further destruction of natural capital, food insecurity and massive and unaffordable damage to public health.

The Prince of Wales becomes Patron of the Sustainable Food Trust


LB MERTON – Climate Change Emergency – local action being taken  

Following LB Merton’s Declaration of a Climate Emergency on 10 July 2019, they will be drafting a Climate Action Plan to set out how they intend to make the London Borough of Merton carbon neutral by 2050.

To advise on the development of the Climate Action Plan and communicate ideas and feedback from the wider Merton Community, we have formed a Climate Emergency Working Group.


READ HERE  – about the Climate Emergency Working Goup






Our culture is shifting and moving through growing pains. We are opening, softening and beginning to listen to each other’s truth more deeply, to each other’s pain more attentively. Bell hooks tells us that “To be loving we willingly hear the other’s truth.” And so we dare truthtelling, truly listening, exposing ourselves in our imperfection, risking mercy, staying with discomfort and holding each other as we are. We are learning to practice love. In her extraordinary interview Rev. angel Kyodo williams shares, “There is something dying in our society, in our culture, and there’s something dying in us individually. And what is dying, I think, is the willingness to be in denial.”

READ HERE – Interview with Rev Williams




AUSTRALIAN TREES – this is what happened when an Australian City gave Trees Email Addresses

They provide shade, air to breathe, and an undeniable sense of grandeur. But would you ever write a letter to the tree? Officials in Melbourne, Australia have discovered that for many, the answer is a resounding yes — The Guardian’s Oliver Milman reports that when they rolled out a program that assigned email addresses to trees in a bid to help identify damage and issues, they discovered that city residents preferred to write them love letters instead.

The city is calling it “an unintended but positive consequence” of their attempt to help citizens track tree damage. On their urban forest data site, Melbourne assigned ID numbers and email addresses to each of the city’s trees so it would be easier to catch and rehabilitate damaged trees.

Then the emails began to arrive. Milman writes that instead of damage reports, people began to write fan mail to trees, complimenting their looks and leaves and telling tales of how they’d helped them survive during inclement weather. Some trees even write back.

READ HERE – Trees’ email addresses




Do you have a favourite tree? Outside of their ecological value, many of us have sentimental attachment to trees. Perhaps an established tree reminds you of home, travel, or your childhood, or is simply beautiful.

SEE HERE  – Share your pictures and stories



Epiphany Declaration: 20 Christian organisations divest from fossil fuels  

Ivybridge Methodist Church announce their divestment from fossil fuels
(photo credit: Sophie Phillips)

Operation Noah is delighted to announce that 20 Christian organisations in the UK – including churches, dioceses, Synods and religious orders – have announced their divestment from fossil fuels as part of the Epiphany Declaration for Fossil Free Churches. 

The organisations involved express their desire to take practical action and send a message of hope at the start of 2020, a crucial year for climate action in the UK and around the world. They join the growing fossil fuel divestment movement, with the global total of assets divested now standing at over $12 trillion

Among those announcing their divestment commitments, there are some significant firsts. The Dioceses of Middlesbrough and Lancaster are the first Catholic dioceses in England and Wales to divest from fossil fuels. Ivybridge Methodist Church and Stirling Methodist Church are the first local Methodist churches to commit to go fossil free.

READ HERE – Epiphany declaration