Thank you to ALL our Guest Editors and Collaborators for their wonderful contributions over the last 4 years since July 2016

After TIA’s set up in 2016 and we had been curating TIA for a while, we decided to ask people Anne knew if they would be interested in ‘Guest Editing’ an edition of TIA covering Blog, Story, Gallery and Wake Up.

To our great honour, we are delighted that TIA has featured 7 Guest Editors who have compiled wonderful Editions on interesting themes.

They all added a range of content that introduced us to new aspects which we have found most enjoyable to read and we hope our Readers have enjoyed this diversity as well.

We are very appreciative of their hard work collating excellent text and images and effortlessly liaising with us for the uploads.

We loved working with them and were greatly encouraged by their belief, like TIA, in the capacity of people to take imaginative action.


 Our Guest Editors and their themes were:-

July 2018  – Jennifer Leach : ‘Spirituality – acting through non-acting’

December 2018 – Robin Richardson : ‘Opposites of Hate’

March 2019 – Kesty Jakes : ‘Call to the Wild’

June 2019  – Anne Galvin : ‘Tradition – what is it and to whom does it belong’

July 2019 – Andrea Wright : ‘Several Shades of T- Unity within Diversity’

July 2020 – Ranjit Kaur : ‘Coming Together’

September 2020 – Sarah Cox : ‘Law of Attraction’




Early Gallery displays are recorded in the Archive – HERE.

The early Galleries curated by Anne include collaborations with her many friends and colleagues sustained during her life working on a wide range of projects and causes and form a legacy to their work and activities together. We also displayed works from artists in dedicated Gallery displays.

They include – Homes, Houses; ‘What keeps you going’; Enter an Animal’s consciousness; Permaculture; Self employed – Choice…Necessity ?; Make your mark : Sound your voice; Shoulder to Shoulder -Peace Direct; Awe and Wonder; Thirsting for Water – Wells for India; Magical Connections with Friends and Family through our Paintings; Handmade things; Ascent – Painting from Meditation; Value and Vision – Georgeanne Lamont; International Art Class – Malaysia and tribute to Shirley Nisbet; The Quiet Garden; ‘How come we didn’t know’- Marion Macalpine; Seats and Chairs; Tina Hannah’s Gallery; Steve Searle’s Gallery;  Environmental Photographer; Adam Trewartha’s Gallery; Sue Yarwood’s Gallery; Ascot and Ascent. 

In 2019, Anne and Sally developed the way we presented TIA’s content and moved from a general editorial approach covering a range of topics to realising we could achieve more impact by focusing on a common theme for an edition which flowed though the Blog, Story, Gallery and Wake-Up.

These monthly themed editions include:-

May 2019 – Iran and Iraq in collaboration with Ban Hikmat, Zainab Khan and Ziba Zarei

October 2019 – Transit Lounge – Anne’s life

January 2020 – Trees including images provided by Christine Searle from Steve Searle’s collection

March 2020 – Migration








Anne Yarwood and Sally Dillon

December 2020