New Life in West Cork, an adventure ….

Louise met Anne at the Quiet Garden about 20 years ago –
A place of much solace for her whilst she was in UK (away from Irish home and lonely) caring for her dear Mother in Windsor.

There she discovered a wisdom that comes through spirituality, meditation, art, singing, music, poetry, humour, more wisdom, humanity and convivial company amongst Anne and the people who congregated at her and David’s sacred space.
Yann unfortunately has not ever met either Anne or  David,  but feels he knows them through Louise.

Thirty years ago we left behind secure and safe careers and existence in the UK, having been involved in social work for years and having helped introduce and establish innovative ways of caring for vulnerable people.
And then, came to live here in the south-western-most tip of Ireland, to an abandoned unloved old cottage with its acre of land, for the simpler and more self sufficient and sustainable life, to have space and time around us, for an adventure.

The Beginning of our Dream as we put in window panes, mended roof, collected water, rescued 2 unloved kittens…

All that and more…renovating and making the cottage habitable,  finding a variety of  ways of making a living from selling our vegetables and home produce in the local market, teaching in a special needs training centre, working in local fish factory, collecting mussels from the beaches, admin and editorial work in the first Irish environmental organisation; eventually to setting up our own editorial company, and Yann becoming one of the few professional indexers in Ireland.

Growing and Flourishing…

Louise then spent 3 years dividing time between home and Mother.  That is when the Quiet Garden at Constables and particularly Anne’s presence in her life became so important to her. And has continued to be…

Yann and Louise continue to live in West Cork, where Louise’s Mother also joined them for the last 4 years of her life. The peacefulness of the house they shared, watching the rhythm of the herd of cows coming backwards and forwards for milking, the swans in the bay, the safeness of being surrounded by people who really cared for her, and the humour she shared particularly with Yann all added to our Mother saying this time was one of the happiest of her long life.

The experience of caring for a beloved Mother, enabling her to die at home with the necessary help of friends and professionals. has given Louise especially a desire to learn more about How to Live Well and Die Well. During these Covid days she has given more time to this: discussions with Yann and others, reading more on the subject,  leaving our affairs in order as much as possible, making Living Wills and Care Directives, and taking part in an online course organised by a Palliative Care Counsellor from the local Buddhist Centre.   (kirstendeleo.com)

This more spiritual path was introduced to Louise initially through what she learnt from Anne and the Quiet Garden at Constables.

Many Blessings and fondest love and huge gratitude to you always, dear and very special Anne 🙏


From Louise to Anne :- 

It was good to do ( this TIA edition)

Fired up the Imagination!

Took us back to our beginnings here

Filled me with gratitude

For all that has come our way

The good, the bad, the ugly

All making us who we are now.


And felt like we were talking to you especially

Wanting you to know more of our life story

And the important part you have played in it.

The day I first met you

In the Quiet Garden

Was definitely the start

Of a more spiritual path

Now so much a component

Of my every day.


Thank you for ever

For such a gift

Darling Anne…

And for all the generosity

The sharing

Of your beautiful self


May each day always have its soul moment

And be lit by love and comfort

Bless you

Louise 🙏💜


Louise and Yann Hoffman

January 2021