Never face reality unless your reality is just the way you want it

Stop pushing against unwanted things or beliefs

Taking your attention off the unwanted makes it dissolve, whilst you focus on the solution. The more we push against each other the worse it gets, this is the law.


A war begins with 2 people arguing, if no one else joins in it ends.








The Law of Attraction in Action


When Dr Joe Dispenza was 24 he was having a great life. A Dr of chiropractor, he was living in California and successful. He was hit by a truck at 55 mph whilst in a bike race and his spine was shattered with fragments of bone in his spinal cord. He was told at best a metal rod through his spine would enable him to be in a wheelchair, he would never walk again and would need to be heavily medicated for pain for life.

He decided not to accept this.

Face down on a bed he realised this huge moment of crisis had got his attention from a cosmic point of view and he started to ask the big questions in life, why, how, what?


He asked himself this “what do I know” and the first thought that came to him was this: The power that made the body, heals the body and this must be an infinite intelligence within the Universe and within each body.

He decided this intelligence which pumps the heart, breathes the lungs and creates 10 million cells in the body per second must be worth having a relationship with! He decided as he lay face down with his shattered spine to reject the offers of surgery and to make a specific plan of what he wanted to happen to his body, to trust it, and then to get out of the way and trust the healing would happen for him. He realised as he started how unfocused his mind was and it took time for him to be able to begin to picture what he wanted. In his mind he would begin to re-construct his spine, one vertebrae at a time. If his mind went off focus, which it did a lot at first, he would start at the beginning again. It took time but eventually he would find that ‘sweet spot’ where he could do it right up to the top of his spine. He made the pledge if he could walk again he would teach this to the world. He then began to visualise what it would be like walking again, watching sunsets and even riding his bike.

The body produces chemicals from this focus, and the body thinks it is real. This then sends signals to the genes and the Universe responds accordingly. Within 10-11 weeks he was up and walking and within 12 weeks he resumed normal life!








Sarah Cox’s Gallery website  – please find HERE – www.sarahcoxartist.com

Our Gallery is proud to display a selection of Sarah’s wonderful paintings  – Landscape, Seascapes and Beaches, and Flowers.

Sarah’s inspiration for a few of them :-

Spanish Finca Springtime – ‘A beautiful sunny day in Spain after a spring rain. Wild Flowers sprung up overnight…beautiful! ‘

Spanish Finca and shadows -‘This beautiful ramshackle finca in Spain with a rambling vine providing shade in the heat of the day. A magical day with azure skies and total peace’.

First light on bluebells Early sunrise in beautiful bluebell Woods. Brilliant crystal light flooding the bells with colour…one of my favourite things to paint.’

Spring light in the woods – ‘Walking in the Woods with my dog every morning is such a joy. Moments of inspiration are around every tree. Some just have to be painted.’

Summer Dazzle in the Artic Tundra – ‘I was thrilled to paint a commission for a client to capture the scale and magnificence of the Artic in summer time. The melting waters of the ice fed the beautiful tundra igniting the fresh green foliage…the scale is truly awesome.’



Content provided by Sarah Cox

September 2020