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Welcome to our  Autumn 2020 edition :-



Introducing the Guest Editor of this TIA edition: Sarah Cox

I have known Sarah for nearly 30 years, learning from her investigations of deep knowledge.

She had started off in Art School, moving through the life experiences of twenty year olds. Earning meagre wages in local bars and painting glass bottles…fretting over her life’s meaning. And then Sarah set her mind to study….her own counselling, psychic studies, energy- field therapy, then establishing her own unique business ‘Zephorium’…researching and marketing a range of massage oils to accompany personal intentional work. In this edition of The Imagination Acts Sarah outlines these years of study alongside practice, as times of her exploration of healing and self exploration for the many clients who discovered this outstandingly gifted Healer.

In more recent times Sarah has learnt to trust the innate self-healing that we humans possess. Sarah creates settings for the many individuals who find her, to realise their own potential. This enlightened form of self healing WORKS. It is a gift to those seeking their own power.

BLOG :  ‘I have a dream’ – creating a reality with your dream and bringing it to life  – HERE

STORY : Sarah’s Story on the Law of Attraction  – HERE

GALLERY : ‘Never face reality unless your reality is just the way you want it to be’ and our Gallery displays illustrations chosen by Sarah as well as a selection of her wonderful art paintings  HERE

WAKEUP : You are a powerful creator !  –  HERE

CLIMATE CHANGE : Wildfires in Amazon, Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands and US West Coast   – HERE

ELSEWHERE : updates from Greener Prisons, lobbying plastics across Africa, Youth drawings about refugees and pandemic, sustainable agricultural training in Madagascar, People and Planet’s activists and 96 year old Huang-Yung-Fu’s paintings which saved his Taiwan village  – HERE 

In our Winter edition, we’ll be looking back over the 4 years since TIA started in July 2016 and featuring some memorable pieces from Blogs, Stories and Gallery.                                                                                                                                                               

And in the New Year – we’ll be welcoming guest editor Jan Trewartha and looking ahead ….. editions from Louise and Yanni Kelly in West Cork and about Ancestry from David and Anne Yarwood. Anyone who’s interested to join in will be so welcome – please contact Anne.



Warm greetings to you all and we hope you find the ‘Law of Attraction’ edition interesting.

Keep well

Anne Yarwood and Sally Dillon


”I have a dream”

By | Blogs

The chaos theory has never worked for me ! When I dive into the ocean and see an octopus unfurl its limbs, rippling luminescent lights across its skin, or watch a bird heading south for the winter with a secret inner navigation system directing it to fly thousands of miles towards the sunshine, I cannot believe that this has evolved by chance or random luck.

There must be an organising force that orchestrates all life force and co-ordinates this life experience we all share together. There is nothing about our Universe that looks random. I sense a loving presence that is logical and kind. I feel each individual has the freedom to create, and that we are so free, that we can create freedom and joy or we can create suffering and bondage.

So how is this creation orchestrated ? The law of attraction.

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Law of Attraction

When I was young I couldn’t understand how ‘good things’ seemed to happen to ‘bad’ people and I often saw ‘bad’ people getting ‘good’ things – it seemed to be such a random topsy turvy world, that felt out of control and chaotic with no sense of order and fairness. I bought into the theory of a random chaotic Universe built on my observations with my physical eyes.

After decades of life experience and hopefully a little more wisdom, I can ‘see’ and sense, despite what appears to be painfully unfolding in the world, something quite different.


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Wake Up

No. 25 – Wake Up – you are a powerful creator !

By | Wake Up

What we focus on gets bigger – on the world stage it’s created by mass hypnosis!

Basic law of our Universe, ever loving and giving, simply gives us more of what we focus on. Doesn’t judge or condemn, it gently accumulates more and more of ‘stuff’ we’re putting attention on – wanted or unwanted!

Media People understand how the brain works. ‘News at Ten’ is a classic example:

  1. Spinning discs, colour red, dramatic music draw us in, starts hypnosis process.
  2. Headlines announce dramatic scene, followed by loud noise (anchors drama to brains).
  3. Serious faced presenter tells us bad news (adrenaline – addictive – floods body).
  4. We’re mesmerised by photos of other peoples’ suffering (relief it’s not us).
  5. …ends on short story of something light hearted (body – endorphin hit – addictive cycle completes).
  6. We crave more!
  7. Our collective attention makes the whole situation worse.
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