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In March 2019, we are delighted to welcome KESTY JAKES as this month’s Guest Editor who leads :-


In this edition of TIA , the theme is called ‘A Call to the Wild’. I share some of my personal journey, along with stories and images of the many benefits of being in nature for children and adults. From Forest School on the urban fringe in Stroud to a Vision Quest in the wilds of Snowdonia.  I share the many creative threads and activities that have been sparked by the coming together of our local community participating in projects at Sladebank Woods, in the Slad Valley in Gloucestershire.  May you be inspired to visit your local woods this Spring or head for some wilder land !

Blog shows how inspiration is given by Jumping Mouse  – HERE

Story  relates A Call to the Wild – HERE

Wakeup highlights brief statements from Forest School – HERE.

Gallery images and drawings from Jaine Rose, Carolyn Hillyer and David Macfarlane; Sleepout challenge at Sladebank Woods for Gloucestershire Deaf Association,– HERE.

Tales  read about the Red Thread project –  HERE.

Elsewhere gives the full tale of Jumping Mouse; and news on Ancient Healing Ways, Carolyn Hillyer, Forest School events in Sladebank Woods– HERE .


About KESTY  – Buqi Practitioner, Facilitator, Forest School Leader

Kesty Jakes and her husband, Martin, own a small woodland in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Over the last twenty years they have transformed 5 acres of neglected woods on the urban fringe. With the support of the local community and a management plan approved by the local council, rubbish has been cleared, trees thinned out and hundreds of native young trees planted. Martin has built a tree house, steps to improve access and a roundhouse for gatherings.

Ten years ago Kesty founded the Red Hearth House, a retreat for women and girls each summer. Many local women were deeply nourished by the time spent in solitude, and at workshops and ceremonies that took place at the dedicated roundhouse. Kesty initiated three Girls Circles that continue to meet on the land each month. The Moon Daughters, Wolf Sisters and Storm Sisters Circles are now organised by mums.

Last winter six felted wool panels were stitched by many of the visiting women and girls as a practical installation to insulate the roundhouse. The Red Thread Project was the vision of Kesty and a local textile artist, who invited stories to be stitched on the wool in red thread.

Sladebank Woods now hosts many events through out the year, from mixed ability Forest School days through The Of Course We Can programme, to birthday parties and saunas. This year a new structure will be built to support our activities.

Kesty loves her family, home and woodland and has no aspirations to travel outside Laurie Lee’s beautiful Slad Valley. She is now entering a new phase of her life as her two children have grown up.


APRIL’S EDITION OF TIA –  Three or four women, born in Iran, Iraq, Britain, are musing on this edition. They are talking together about media images of Iran and Iraq, currently in the public eye.  They aim to offer images with other foci.

Warm greetings to you all and I hope you enjoy ‘A Call to the Wild’.

Anne Yarwood


Jumping Mouse

By | Blogs

In Hyemeyohsts Storm’s vision quest story of Jumping Mouse (from book Seven Arrows), the little Mouse meets Frog, who is sitting on a lily pad at the edge of the Sacred River.

This beautiful tale (SEE ELSEWHERE FOR WHOLE TALE)  points to the essential wisdom of the threshold time of the Vision Quest. Prompted by the spirits of Nature, but under our own power, we jump as high as we are able.  Ultimately it is not what we see that transforms us.  It is the act of jumping, of reaching for the Sacred Mountain shining so near yet so far, that defines us and gives direction to our life quest.  If we do not gather all our strength and jump, we will never see further than the end of our nose.  By jumping we transcend our own limitations.  We enlarge the circle of purpose.

Taken from: The Wilderness Quest by Steven Foster & Meredith Little.  A handbook for adults, UK version adapted by Jeremy Thres and Caroline Wood.

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Call to the Wild : a Vision Quest  

Last summer my husband said he would like to visit our daughter in Australia who is there on a working visa. He plans to visit his brother too, with our son in April. I love my family deeply. I am not called to return to that continent. I wished to honour my truth in some way and remain here in my homeland.

Then I saw this………..

“Deep in your heart you know whether or not you want to experience a Wilderness Quest. Already you feel the ancient stirrings in you. The time has come………..

(The Wilderness Quest by Steven Foster and Meredith Little)




A new feature coming SOON …….

Wake Up

No.17 – Wake Up to benefits of Forest Schools

By | Wake Up

Being outdoors has huge benefits for children, both physically and mentally, and the growing network of Forest Schools aims to tap into those benefits by educating children in the fresh air.  Forest School and nature based learning has now become very established in the UK with more than 12,00 trained leaders.

Forest School offers children and young adults:

The inspiration to be curious, fascinated, interested and inventive.

The freedom to explore different ways of ‘being’, feeling, behaving and interacting.

The opportunity to:

Experience beauty and wonder in the woodland and become ‘lost in the experience’

Gain confidence through learning new skills

Develop imagination and creativity

Meet challenges and learn to handle risk in safety

Feel relief from stress and anxiety

Develop their spirituality through a sense of awe at the natural environment.

Increase their autonomy and independence

Take responsibility for own learning and building self confidence

Stroud Forest School

Wild Roots Forest School

Forest School: 9 ways children benefit from learning and playing outside

March 2019

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