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Welcome to our  Summer 2020 edition :-



Introducing the Guest Editor of this TIA edition: Ranjit Kaur

For over forty years Ranjit has been a valued friend to many, in our informal Development Education network in the SE Berkshire area of the U.K. Beginning with her enrolment as a team member in the very first WEB bus project: World Education Berkshire “book a trip to the future you’d choose” emblazened on its side. She developed her own skills as a counsellor and group facilitator after a year in the innovative radical mobile education space: time to grow personal relationship skills, working with Social Services and the Police in a multi-ethnic society.

Personally she and I shared our learning from our work practices and our belief systems. Hours of sharing as mothers. Listening to each other’s experiences growing up in like and unlike families…me in the countryside of Worcestershire, Ranjit in the Punjab, India….both of us with loving mothers.

One day, chatting about today’s concerns, the idea dropped into my head. “Ranjit, the next edition of our website, The Imagination Acts… is about the idea of COMING TOGETHER….the great learning of the Coronavirus….As Guest Editor, would you create your own version in response to the theme…and integrate your dual- culture experience into your reflections ?”

BLOG : Ranjit’s Blog asks ‘Cover my back or Cover my face !’  – HERE

STORY : Ranjit’s two stories of ‘Coming Together ‘ – in current times with the coronavirus and when her group met Louise Hay, the American motivational and inspirational teacher – HERE

GALLERY : Ranjit lets us come together with Anchal Sharma who set up ‘Meals for Happiness’ in Delhi. The Gallery shows images selected by Ranjit as well as showing MOH’s work HERE

WAKEUP :  To mosques and temples helping their communities –  HERE

CLIMATE CHANGE : Greta Thunberg says climate change is as urgent as coronavirus and leading arts figures call for a green recovery from the  crisis  – HERE

ELSEWHERE : updates on the immediate effect of the coronavirus on climate change , RISC’s News share their latest news during lockdown,  let’s be Bumblebee Aware in July, Sustainable Food Trust’s Young Voices and Mutual Aid HERE 

Our next edition of TIA will be guest edited by Sarah Cox with the theme ‘Laws of Attraction’.



Warm greetings to you all and we hope you find ‘And So We Came Together’ interesting.

Keep well

Anne Yarwood and Sally Dillon


Cover My Back or Cover My Face !

By | Blogs

In my job working with families I had lots of restrictions on what I could do or not do… call them professional boundaries, maybe for the right reasons, but most of the time fear generated “what if this goes to court… cover your back “.

In the end of March this year someone contacted me about a Closed Case. This young mother, who suffered from mental health issues, was struggling with two children under three and one 12 year old. Her parents couldn’t help her because of Covid19 and their age and health issues.

I contacted a few organisations and explained the situation. Thereafter, hot meals were delivered every day for the month of Ramadan and also milk and groceries were delivered every week.

This helped to reduce her anxiety and improved her sleep. She is now helping people over the phone passing INFORMATION on how to get help.

Cover My Back or Cover My Face !

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Coming Together

Ranjit tells of ‘Coming Together’ with neighbours and community in the coronavirus crisis and ‘Coming Together’ when her group met Louise Hay, the American motivational and inspirational teacher.


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Wake Up

No. 24 – Wake Up to helping your community

By | Wake Up

Mosques and temples are helping to assist the elderly and the vulnerable in their towns and cities.

As the countrywide lockdown takes hold within the first week many religious and community organisations have been helping ALL members of their community. 

The army of volunteers have been collecting food and essentials to ensure those people that need the most help at this time of crisis are being cared for. 

At many times they are putting themselves in harm’s way.

The Bolton Hindu Forum said they are leading ‘a joint Coordinated Community Help Program to look after elders living alone and who have no immediate family and those who have family but they are out of town and not able to help as they would in normal circumstances’.

The Masjide Noorul Islam (Blackburn) have already recruited 250 people to help the elderly and vulnerable in isolation.

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