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Dear Readers,

Welcome to our  March 2020 edition :-

The following section on Migration is what I wrote a few weeks ago. Now, in these difficult times, I wish to add these words:-

”Let everything happen to you

Beauty and terror

Just keep going

No feeling is final”

Rainer Maria Rilke

MIGRATION  (please note we’re in the process up updating March TIA throughout)

It’s felt IMPORTANT to write NOW about MIGRATION. It waves a big Flag in Western democracies’ elections. An equally strong thought is my anxiety about my ignorance . So what’s on the following pages is one person’s deep concern about other individual’s struggle for safe Refuge. From the freedom ,safety …good life of HERE…to the DESPERATION of the MIGRANT….From the launching pad of possibilities where I live…to the desolate homelessness of an old woman, like me, right now in Syria. The statistics and the photographs all drift through our minds .They rarely embed into our consciousness.

BLOG :  So I start with one woman’s over-boiling in the Blog – HERE

STORY : The Story on Migration chunks facts between human stories – HERE

WAKEUP : one man’s inspirational actions from the Kutapalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh –  HERE

GALLERY : Images in the Gallery reminds us of the history of many of us through the ages; the heroic leaps into the unknown, fleeing the life-threatening known – HERE

CLIMATE CHANGE : I continue the search for information aiming to find evidence of direct connections between Climate Change and migration – HERE

ELSEWHERE : I close in Elsewhere with Maya Angelou’s poem ,written for the United Nations in 1955 – HERE 

Sally and I invite any stories of your own which you’d wish to add to this collection of LIVED EXPERIENCES

Email to :- )let us know if you wish these to be anonymous.

The Summer edition of TIA will be “AND SO WE CAME TOGETHER” : creative inspirations of solidarity, in love… during the present challenge to humanity.


For the past three years Sally Dillon and I have been creating the website THE IMAGINATION ACTS (TIA). The complex newsletter extols individual and group imaginative action. TIA with little publicity, is viewed globally by around 500 readers: with 8 -10 editions a year.

In the doing, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of STORIES.

Recently, making a video and book, on the theme of “Transit Lounge”: the living space where you await death…I am determining that the next move will be TIA PUBLISHING. Small scale editions ( 50 pamphlets, depending on reader interests) of inspirational STORIES FROM LIFE Also there will be digital editions on-line.

TIA PUB will be in touch…


Warm greetings to you all and we hope you find ‘MIGRATION’ interesting.

Anne Yarwood and Sally Dillon



By | Blogs

I was kicked into action to research this edition’s theme of MIGRATION by a friend’s unexpected outpouring of grief and fury . We were sitting in a circle at our long-established Support Group. When we got to M’s turn in the “go- round”, she erupted, boiled! Tears in her eyes, flushed cheeks, piercing voice decrying the chaos in Kos…. destitution , hopeless future for migrants and Greek inhabitants alike.

AND the intransigence of EU countries….their politicians and inhabitants.

“ Hold on to our affluent security”.

I absorbed this greatly loved and respected friend’s voice of compassion, of injustice recognised, and I determined that my mind should enter the migrants’ world…from the blessed place in which my Family has LANDED.

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Boiling, Weeping, Honouring

After I’d committed to research Migration as our next theme, I was dead worried. “Concerned-pretty-ignorant” me ! Got reading, started searching the Internet … then that now familiar moment in TIA creations… a surge of stirring info. and images and stories, poured in. In the early hours of this morning, I sat by my bed awaiting the next dose of Paracetamol to kick in ! I dwelt in my heart; burnished with love, for the fellow human beings who have entered my consciousness….. At what moment do you determine to traverse the 2,877 miles from Kabul to the Mediterranean coast ? The following STORIES alternate factual information, with the LIVED experience of individuals who refuse to stay in the hell- holes that appear to be their destinies.


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Wake Up

No. 23 – Wake Up to the nightmare of losing your child in chaotic conflict

By | Wake Up

Kamal Hussein’s story is in Kutupalong, world’s largest refugee settlement –  late August 2017, thousands of refugees arriving daily. Many children were separated from parents and Hussein’s mission was to reunite families.

Hussein decided to act after a woman asked for help finding her child.

“I rented a microphone” relaying a description. His broadcasts worked – someone returned the child; his mission was born.

Charities gave audio equipment and a booth to broadcast the names of separated children and urge parents to collect them.

 “The new refugees don’t know the camp, they get lost here,”

Myanmar’s campaign of persecution and violence drove 740,000+ stateless Rohingya from their Rakhine homes. Now, 1,000,000+ Rohingya are in Bangladesh.

A refugee himself, he was separated from his parents when a boy.

“As a child, I had a lot of pain in my life but doing this work, I feel at peace with myself.”



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