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In May 2019, our theme is :-


The way themes for TIA emerge is mostly from an ‘apple’ falling on my head: an apple’s worth culled from conversations with friends, pieces from many international sources that inform me and from places where my heart dwells. So this month, Iraq and Iran called.

Grounded in my school studies of Mesopotamia, and my husband David’s water engineering work in the two countries, both Iran and Iraq hold my interest, long-term. So today, I am deeply pained to think of families like my own, STRUGGLING, DAY BY DAY … to just live their lives.

Little news appears in the everyday press and media about Iraq and Iran which give a sense of their historic achievements, nor of HOW daily lives are sustained in Iraq and Iran amidst present conflicts and economic difficulties.

Three friends have contributed glimpses of these vibrant , ancient lands, Iraq and Iran.

We then go to the new section CLIMATE CHANGE ( changed from ‘Tales’) and finally our miscellany, News from Elsewhere. As this edition flowered I was clear about two issues:-

  • What are we learning as educators & activists, in order to achieve effective outcomes from our engagements.( see Greta Thunberg – video clip in CLIMATE CHANGE).
  • That today’s Call is to IDENTIFY with the OTHER..human friend and stranger, animal or insect…to enter into the experience of the OTHER.

Blog showcases the poem ‘The Iraqi Nights’ – HERE

Story relates personal Iraqi and Iranian recollections  – HERE

Gallery shows images and illustrations of Iraq and Iran – HERE.

Climate Change updates on inspirational information by individuals –  HERE

News from Elsewhere on actions being taken by Friends – HERE .

WakeUp to some facts about Iraq and Iran– HERE


OUR NEXT EDITION OF TIA – is themed ‘TRADITION : what is it ?’ which will be guest edited by Anne Galvin, Complementary Therapist and Thinker.

Warm greetings to you all and I hope you enjoy ‘A Call to walk with the feet or in the shoes of Others’.

Anne Yarwood


The Iraqi Nights

By | Blogs

In Iraq,
after a thousand and one nights,
someone will talk to someone else.
Markets will open
for regular customers.
Small feet will tickle
the giant feet of the Tigris.
Gulls will spread their wings
and no one will fire at them.
Women will walk the streets
without looking back in fear.
Men will give their real names
without putting their lives at risk.
Children will go to school
and come home again.
Chickens in the villages
won’t peck at human flesh
on the grass.
Disputes will take place
without any explosives.
A cloud will pass over cars
heading to work as usual.
A hand will wave
to someone leaving
or returning.
The sunrise will be the same
for those who wake
and those who never will.
And every moment
something ordinary
will happen
under the sun.

Dunya Mikhail (born 1965 in Baghdad, Iraq) is an Iraqi-American poet based in the United States. In 2001, she was awarded the United Nations Human Rights Award for Freedom of Writing.[HERE)


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Stories from Iraq and Iran  

Three friends have contributed glimpses of these vibrant, ancient lands, Iraq and Iran.




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Climate Change

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Wake Up

No. 18 – Wake Up to Iraq and Iran

By | Wake Up
  • Oil reserves in the world 2017 – Iran 4th largest 157.8 billion barrels; Iraq 5th largest 144.2 billion barrels.
  • At the end of the war of invasion 2003 the US formerly ended the occupation of Iraq. Exxon Mobil, BP, Shell remain.
  • Biwater Wood Hybrid scheme for Basra, Southern Iraq includes delivery of potable water for local population and the oil industry. Funded from U.K. by JP Morgan and U.K. Overseas Development investment Fund . §1.45 billion  – SEE HERE 
  • Iranian economy shrunk by 1.5% 2019 …by 3% 2020. Before President Trump extended trade sanctions, IMF predicted 4%.current growth .
  • Brain drain from Iran estimated by IMF to 91 developed & developing countries of educated individuals- 150,000 to 180,000,every year.
  • Iraqi emigres to UK include: Jim Al-Khalili,Professor Theoretic Physics, Charles and Maurice Saatchi, Alan Yentob formerly BBC, architect Zaha Hamid.

May 2019

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