THE IMAGINATION ACTS website has been created by Anne Yarwood, resident in Ascot for over 50 years, to show how individuals CAN effect change… can DO something about their concerns, in an imaginative way.

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Welcome to our  Winter 2020 edition :-





In our Winter edition, we’ve been looking back over the 4 years since TIA started in July 2016 and at the memorable pieces in Blogs, Stories, Tales, Gallery and WakeUp.  Looking forward – Climate Change and Elsewhere gives inspiration for imaginative action ahead. 

During the 4 years, we are very proud to have featured over 102 Blogs, 58 Stories, many Tales and Galleries and 26 WakeUp’s !

We’ve been delighted to greet our readers from the UK and all over the world.


BLOG : Whoops ! What’s this about ?  – HERE

STORY : Well…I’ll tell you what it’s about  – HERE

GALLERY :  Featuring images from our Guest Editors’ editions and other collaborations over the 4 years and extending our deep appreciation of their contributions  HERE

WAKEUP : Wake Up to what’s going on, educate yourself and Act with Imagination  –  HERE

CLIMATE CHANGE : A call to every one of us, to WAKE-Up, has been The Imagination Acts’ CALL. Our part in the global call is timely. THE CRISIS of our time is not the Covid Virus. It is Climate Change. And it is a stupefying phenomena that the former completely overshadows the latter…in an alarming totalitarian form of “power- over” injunctions. Anne and Sally are having hopping up- and- down planning wails, as we commit ourselves to firming- up the website’s vision for its role in solidarity with (we trust) myriad voices challenging the Climate Change white-wash in the dominant media. This edition updates us on COP26 in November 2021, the new Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, the PM’s 10 point ‘green plan’, Californian giga-fires and artic sea ice and the forthcoming Climate Ambition Summit on 12 December 2020.  – HERE

ELSEWHERE :  Social Entrepreneurs – people with imagination who create positive changes in society through their initiatives –  HERE                                                                                                                                                    

In the New Year – we’ll be welcoming guest editor Louise and Yanni Kelly in West Cork, and looking ahead ….. editions from Jan Trewartha and about Ancestry from David and Anne Yarwood. Anyone who’s interested to join us about their own Ancestry will be very welcome – please contact Anne.



Warm greetings to you all and we hope you find the ‘Celebration and Review’ edition interesting.

Keep well

Anne Yarwood and Sally Dillon


Whoops ! What’s this about ?

By Blogs

Anne –

Being an enfeebled 82 year old meant that radical educating and action were down the pan. Change its Vehicle !

Into the empty space dropped the website inspiration…any topic…any place, could be explored.

And to make the idea HAPPEN … there is our daughter Sally.

I have delighted in this powerful means of getting to know each other and marvelled at her skilled editing of the material which I find.

Sally –

At first …. TIA was a collaboration with my mum to capture wonderful legacies of her projects past. Soon developed into its own creation – very happy times working together – her, with her unique creative eye and enthusiasm for finding interesting content and encouraging friends and colleagues to tell their inspiring stories. And me, uploading the website. We’ve created a real treasure and shared journey – will be ever precious to me.

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Well… I’ll tell you what it’s about 

How The Imagination Acts (TIA) all came about in 2016, 

What forms the content of the TIA pages,

And we’ve featured 58 Stories over the 4 years – here’s a reminder of them !

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Wake Up

No. 26 – Wake Up to what’s going on, educate yourself and Act with Imagination

By Wake Up
  • Wake Up … to a lot of work profiled over 4 years which shows people CAN do something.
  • Wake Up is the essence of what the TIA website is about.
  • Be one of the Wake – Up’ed.
  • Wake Up to all that’s going on in the news.
  • Wake Up to questioning what’s going on.
  • Wake Up to your own judgement of the news / info being put on and sent out.
  • Wake Up and Act with your Imagination.
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