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Our October 2019 edition :-



Living my life: dying my death: THE TRANSIT LOUNGE experience of the waning physical life-force.

‘THE TRANSIT LOUNGE’ is the scene for this edition of TIA.  As Curator & Editor I am living this phase of my life between life fully lived and a stage of fragility.

I’ve passed through Check-in, sitting now with many others, chatting to some. All seats face the run-way beyond the vast glass panes. I’m wondering if my flight is scheduled, reliably…

So.. THE TOP PICTURES wave at heart-locked specials.

THE BLOG illustrates me and Comrades’ years of demonstrations about injustice – HERE

THE STORY gives pinhole peeps into the atmosphere of my start in life, within which my future attitudes were founded – HERE

(I had planned to write much, much more about my life, but am physically frail and my mind is reduced in its former sharpness, after three hospital admissions .These jettisoned me into the limbo of the Transit Lounge. Will slowly write more about more….is a plan!)

WAKEUP says what we actually know and maybe enact –  HERE

GALLERY fills up with the JOYS of my moochings for beauty, wisdom, inspiration, interdependence – HERE

CLIMATE CHANGE jerks us to believe what’s going on within the children’s’ CALL and notes the adult RESPONSE, at the UN CLIMATE SUMMIT in New York; all set amidst the terrifying and media-ignored tree fires in many countries. The page end by speaking of the bravery of remaining hopeful – HERE

ELSEWHERE stays in solidarity with Palestine; a soul cry of anguished love. The page ends with one group.. one man’s… inspired and tough imaginative action – HERE 


The next edition of TIA will be at the year’s turn.

We will be looking for ways and means for the IMAGINATION to address the challenges and gifts of the times.”










Warm greetings to you all and we hope you enjoy ‘The Transit Lounge’.

Anne Yarwood and Sally Dillon


Keep speaking Truth to Power

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Letter to Ascot local press

Sir / Madam,

Amazingly, I witnessed the demo outside my hospital window, at Frimley Park Hospital this week. Recovering from surgery…pretty rough and in pain…there was a great hullabaloo outside. Tottered to window. There were my long-time mates from SHH ( Save Heatherwood Hospital), together with members of UNITE & UNISON.

I was so hugely touched to see them: comrades of some 11 years campaigning for Heatherwood and the NHS.

Spent all day speaking to everyone who came into the Ward…20 or so,including a Matron. Checked that they knew what the demo was about and understood implications of the imminent WOS : Wholly Owned Subsidiary for 800 or so workers.

Back in bed, I cried. So full of love and appreciation for the demonstrators.



Anne Yarwood

Member Voluntary group Save Heatherwood Hospital for 16 or so years.

July 2019

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The Transit Lounge

A while back, Mary, I and other church women met weekly for an hour for a Healing Prayer Group: twenty years with our beloved Rev Dr Gill Wiggins. Mary – a Lancashire lass, often spoke of sitting in the Transit Lounge. I didn’t understand the accuracy of the location, being much younger than my fellow Lancastrian.

But here I am at 85, physically frail, less alert mentally; as for all elderly, hours easily spent on technicolored recollections of life lived; in other hours, facing fear, mixed with sensible planning for forthcoming further weakening and the hugely feared death of one of us, leaving the other….alone.

The Story that follows gives pinhole peeps into the nature of my early life through tales about my parents. Their experience, values and attitudes shaped my formative years.


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