Here’s what the Gallery Artists have written in response to the heading ‘ I PAINT ‘.

Heart-warming playing together.

sez ‘Her – Mit das Cosmos’


Ann Trewartha

Bronze Earth Strata – Ann Trewartha

Since a child , I’ve always drawn & have been a clothing designer all my working life but never painted, only using colour for presentation boards.

Whilst in a Hong Kong silk painting workshop, I was fascinated by all the small Chinese girls painting lotus blossom, bamboo and tiny birds, the silk stretched between tiny round frames.

They gave me two yards of silk & back home I bought a  “How to Paint on Silk” book  and 5 silk paints. From the beginning of seeing the luminosity of the colours on the silk, I was hooked. Then when we went to live in Crete & seeing the frescoes and watching the icon Painters, I developed my painting to incorporate the gold leaf and pigments.

The happiness it has given me is beyond words. I’ve run silk painting workshops attempting to give others the same pleasure.




Sarah Cox

Sunset on wet sands – Sarah Cox

I have been painting since childhood and experimenting with all kinds of media, oils, acrylic, watercolour for many years.

These days I am less interested in form and more interested in the play of light on surfaces; sand, trees, clouds, people, in fact anything that is a fleeting moment with a play of light.

I especially love early morning and evening light when the sun sparkles onto the earth in beautiful and colourful ways. I love dramatic colours that sit on top of, and bleach out, the object they fall upon with their play of light.

These days I paint mostly in oils in various sizes from small to enormous! My aim is to create ‘window pictures’ of light like stained glass that glow on the wall.




Jennifer Leach

Searching for Mother – Jennifer Leach

Painting and writing are for me the deep freedives into the ocean of Great Mystery. The strange underwater creatures I surface with fill me with wonder.

Their forms and expressions speak of an unknowable realm, one which the everyday world generally finds too uncomfortable and unfamiliar to connect with.

To me, however, they are treasures that speak deeply; layer upon layer unfolds as I spend time in their company.

To share them with other explorers is one of life’s richest delights.




Antonia Rolls

I work as both an artist and a soul midwife, sometimes at the same time, sometimes separately.

Part of being an artist is the joy of expression, and this takes the form of painting, writing, performing and public speaking.

I express how I am affected by the work I do, what it teaches me, and the stories of the people that I meet.






Tina Hanna

Joyful Mysteries : CHANGE

Tina was an illustrator. Her art work informed and enlightened and within that message was beauty.

Her range included black and white ink pen drawings through folk art on wood to subtle coloured pencil drawings.

The Pictures here are inspired from the ancient ninth century rosary prayer beads.

I remember Tina sitting on the floor in the middle of the room. Her drawings surrounding her, working flat out for weeks, in order to get onto paper her vision of the mysteries attached to these beads.

Tina’s work is unique and her desire is to inform as many people as possible of spiritual truths and sequences. To that end she never made anything overtly belonging to any group or sect.

I think she believed in a universal spiritualness that everyone is entitled to.

Acknowledgement by Hilary Davies. See also Tina Hanna’s Gallery – HERE



Pauline Wilde

‘It’s a beautiful world’ – Pauline Wilde

A few words about my paintings, using wax and dyes on silk.

They’re my memories of my time as a volunteer in West Africa, in my early twenties, painted in my forties.

It was a magical time of finding out how those with the least, shared the most and of feeling at one with the world.







Viv Perkins

Two Ages – Viv Perkins

I PAINT because of Auntie Doris. Her huge, formica- topped kitchen table where we scribbled out drawings together. The pencils would be there for me on our weekly visit.

Sometimes she would cook and I would sketch. Never any criticism. Always relaxed and positive.

And that’s how painting- doing it – makes me feel… still …. after all these years of mucking about: relaxed and positive. What’s not to love?





Shirley Mossman Nisbet

Lilacs (Award winning design for poster, Boston USA) – late Shirley Nisbet

Shirley  Mossman Nisbet held the last of her many exhibitions, shortly before her death this October.

The painting hanging behind her shows her approach to vaste sea scape: a far distant approach.

She studied painting and sculpture with William Scott, Terry Frost, William Turnbull, and Bernard Meadow at the Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, UK.

See Story ‘The International Art Class, Malaysia’ HERE  & link to Shirley’s website HERE

References :  William Scott – HERE      and       Terry Frost –  HERE





Anne Yarwood

9/11 – Anne Yarwood

In the VIth Form, the girls said I was ” the art teacher’s pet! ” For sure, I was in the art – room, a lot.

Recall painting dire Lancastrian coal- fields. Black soil. Black pit – head Winding Gear.

Still called to black paint with a dash of red blood, in eruptions of abstract unconsciousnesses.

I paint to hear my unconscious;

for whilst I’ve got to be quite astute at unravelling my inner & outer worlds…..dreams and painting from a meditative state, on my own….opens the voice of truth …like, “allo! THIS  is what’s actually going on, darlin”!!!!! 




                                                                                         There may be further Artists’ references to follow later