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A Bird In My Hand

By May 21, 2017June 11th, 2017Blogs

Andrew is our gardener for the past 15 years.

He cares for the grass, assiduously..rain or shine.

He is also a BIRD MAN ; knows a lot. Identifies by song and by descriptions.

Last week one of his daughters brought to him a fledgling Collar Dove. Found in Sainsbury’s car park. Been attacked. 3″ gash at its throat. When Andrew fed the scruffy pathetic creature ..all the food slid out of its crop.

Determined to save the Dove’s life, Andrew first tried Superglue. No good !

Next he found some nylon thread and stitched the gash. Bird lay still, in his hands

Now the Dove eats. Food stays in throat. Is digested. After feeding, the baby Dove snuggles up ,cupped in Bird Man’s hands, lying on the favourite old green jumper. Its feathers are just coming through.