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Can’t Do That !

By September 24, 2017October 17th, 2017Blogs

“Can’t paint” has been THE Response to a suggestion that “having a go at painting” is a brill idea… in my experience. Going to a taught art class, might be considered. Just having a go, on the kitchen table…altogether inconceivable. Forget all the miniature painters of The Slosh & Splatter school of fun. Forget our own excited moments discovering COLOUR .

From which hidden volcano does CAN’T DO arise? Because it doesn’t ‘alf hold us all back from ‘possibilities’… and needs some delving.

Fr’instance…I can re-enter a maths class, aged 10. Called up front by Miss Leigh…”work that out, Anne”. (Me off school previously for a whole term following major op.) ‘Me’ couldn’t. Me never caught up with the mystery of ‘sums’…

Question: who told your unconscious that you couldn’t do…well any ole thing ???

Here’s an inspiring woman mathematician and scientist – Ada Lovelace whose day was celebrated on 10 October 2017 – HERE and HERE