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Celebrating 25 years of creative imagination in The Quiet Garden

By July 2, 2017July 4th, 2017Blogs

We wrote in the February 19  Blog, about the Ascot Quiet Garden, illustrating the reflection with a glorious pink Tree Peony which has taken ten years to fully establish itself. Around 25 years before that, Oliver Simon, an Anglican priest in Bracknell ( where I was the Community Worker, in Social Services) whilst walking in our garden, said, “I’ve just heard about the Quiet Garden project. You’d really like it”. ( The Rt. Rev. Dr Oliver, some years later was ordained as the Bishop of the Diocese of Antsiranana, Northern Madagascar) 

I and thousands of others DID AND DO, LIKE IT. 

Dr Rowan Williams writes in launching QUIET 25: “The ancient tradition of silent contemplation is as important to the modern mind as it was to our forbears and The Quiet Garden Movement has been  facilitating the practice of mindful contemplation for the past 25 years in gardens around the world”