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Courage is not enough ?

By March 5, 2017Blogs

Consider the affirmation ‘You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated’ – Maya Angelou.

And the following statements:- ‘Britain has a social mobility problem which is getting worse for an entire generation of young people’… particularly for white working-class boys.  Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission  (SMCP ) State of the Nation Report 16/11/16 – Chair Alan Milburn.

Runnymede Trust report-  Who Cares about the White Working Class?

‘The Plight is constructed by the media, politicians, anti-immigration groups as the fault of immigrant minority ethnic groups or the cultural deficit of the under class, or both, while leaving the hierarchical and highly stratified nature of British society, out of the equation’.

Interesting resources: – ‘RESPECTABLE’  a novel by LYNSEY HANLEY.

 Richard Hoggart ‘THE USES OF LITERACY’ 1957 but relevant.  020 7227 5371 Social Mobility Commission.

Runneymede Trust –