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FetchMeThe …….

By March 26, 2017April 6th, 2017Blogs

As a girl – my mother’s helper, her voice travelled my world with the call :-

Fetch me the…(Sunday evening) Dolly tub ‘n the Plunger ( to soak the washing over night in chopped-up green soap), (like, everyday) the tea-pot stand, the tea-cosy, (frequently) my sewing box, (now and then) me teeth (from the glass of Sterodent in the bathroom)..

( regularly) Pop round to the shop . Get me me Woodies . You can get yourself a bottle of Tizer too

And above all, ”Fetchmethe bathroom stool” (VITAL EQUIPMENT for reaching thingies).

In no way was I a CARER.. just helping my 5′ mum and her “Gammy- legged” husband. (that was what he called his impairment in the 1940’s)

A totally different setting for the 1.4 million children aged 8 to 18 caring for parents.