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In Homage, to the Beached

By March 16, 2017April 6th, 2017Blogs

My fellow Nana to two grandsons, is Beached. She’s in an high quality but far distant Care Home. Always admired by me, for her practical Nanaship. She has been stalwart, alongside the two Head Teacher parents. Whereas I’m good at the chat; dire at the cleaning.

The inevitable tide goes out. Far out, for many. I feel great pain in my heart for the packaged elderly. Not amidst the poverty, nor the terror of so many families, world wide, but not ALONE . ….Not with STRANGERS.

  • I’ve just started writing a weekly, LARGE PRINT letter to my friend. Just a dab of paint on the hull, not a relaunch. Of how much value is COMPASSION, in your experience?