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See You At The Bus Stop

By May 28, 2017June 11th, 2017Blogs

To mark our 60th wedding day remembrance we’ve rebuilt the play house which my son and husband built for the first grandchildren. Such fun !!! Day by day seeing our skilled carpenter Ray, jiggle the sections together. Watching Bus Stop’s reincarnation has been particularly encouraging because, as a family, we’re amidst painful health difficulties.

What I note is how CREATING something from our imaginations, gives a vibrant counterbalance to whatever surrounds our challenges. And stories of three other peoples’ challenges have arrived here, by chance, together…all HEALTH RELATED.

A Story about his pain is shared  by Andrea Berardi. In the Gallery, Marion Macalpine gives glimpses of her photographic campaigning about privatisation of the NHS. In Tales, Trisha Longworth writes about the NHS in Homeopathic terms.

3 stops for the Green Line 72 to …….the DETERMINATION TERMINUS.