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Sharing Outdoor Space For The Inner Journey

By February 19, 2017Blogs

This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of THE QUIET GARDEN MOVEMENT’s foundation. Arising from the INSPIRATIONAL IMAGINATION of our dearly loved Revd. Philip Roderick, there are now 300 Quiet Gardens around the world. 

In our garden, a group has met every month for these 25 years.

6 of us reflected on what these meets mean to us:- 

Practise putting words to tentative reformulation of own spirituality: Being space: Coming aware of the awe and wonder of creation: I bring people and it’s not for them: The group is very open at a deep level.. this relates to it being an established group: Need to feel comfortable to be open: A place where you can take time in silence to be challenged: Every now and then I see myself as member of the human species, not just a single being: The universe being conscious of itself…Go away refreshed.