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Stay focused on Climate Change

By August 20, 2017August 28th, 2017Blogs

There’s some encouraging global news about technological innovation in response to Climate Change. One aspect of relative public inertia is the fact that information is not easily accessible and understandable in terms of ‘my pocket’ relevance.

For instance, did you know about SUBSIDIES TO FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES ? 

Report in the journal of World Development estimates that in 20115.8% of global GDP was expended on fossil fuel subsidies, rising to 6.5% in 2013. The subsidies exist in part because consumers don’t understand their size. The authors note that environment, fiscal & welfare gains from subsidy reform would be substantial.

So, local Environment groups importantly encourage local environmental awareness: ITS RELEVANCE TO DAY TO DAY LIVES… schools, at community events …popping up all around the place !

Ref. John Abraham, Guardian, 7 August 2017  –  World Development vol.91. Pages 11-27

Please have a look at TALES  – which provides details of the ASCENT Festival and its coverage on Climate Change