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Tattoos : Taboos

By March 2, 2017Blogs

Chatting to strangers was what you did in my war-time childhood. Sitting on those side seats downstairs on the bus, squashed between women (my size !!) with covered punnets full of yellow downy chicks. Off to Kidderminster market. Or dispatched to stand in queues outside the Tripe shop, basket on arm. Learnt much in queues !

The other day I chatted with Ben in our garden. Admired the TATTOOS during his tea break from tree lopping. “Left school early. Nothing to teach me !” He lived on a barge. ” You could call me a Wild Man” he said. “Number of wild animals lived with me….now help out with conservation stuff. Teach kids.”  “What’s the tattoo about?” sez I. “Pride in myself.. my body” said Ben.