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The Other and Wobbling

By July 30, 2017August 10th, 2017Blogs

Lately, I’ve suddenly lost balance. Crashed down. Hurt.

Of course I relate this to the “wobble” of the political world.

An aspect of wobbledom crashed into our house the other night. Meeting of our Environment Group. In the starting Go Round…”how are you ?”… one member reported a racist incident .

Young Black mother with two small children being violently harassed by young White man. He, jeered on by young women companions. Our friend intervened. Reported to Police.

We recalled our years educating beyond racism, sexism : myriad forms of evolving into a sense of interdependence…Oneness

Our group saw this attack as a demonstration of current “permission” to abuse “the Other”.

We are heartened to read of the Values & Vision programme for young children, in Primary & Secondary schools; education to enhance our confidence in Oneness.

Useful background information¬† – see ‘INSTED: Equality & Diversity in education’