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Treasure …. in piles of poo !

By October 26, 2017Blogs

I usually look up and around when I am walking.  This day I didn’t and what caught my eye were a couple of dollops of horse manure…with treasure.

Treasure that had sprung to life from what one could have regarded as an ‘end product’. Who knows where it started and all the facets of the constituents of the manure.

It was far from over…  in fact, it was the start of new life…searching for light and winding fragile stalks chaotically.

I thought it was beautiful and a sign of hope that when there are piles of shit…there are also possibilities of new growth and undiscovered beauty.

I could so easily have missed it.

Acknowledgement – Christina Searle, a new Blog contributer ( see Story – Steve Searle and Gallery – HERE )