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We had such fun !!

By October 31, 2016Blogs

We came to be Grand-parents, very late in our lives; two Grandchildren, Oscar 7 & Chloe 5; full of ENERGY. We have a small wood at the garden’s end and Duncan, my hands-on husband, has wonderful ideas. Recently, first thing I knew about an idea….while I was away from the house, he shinned up a tree and put a cross bar across two trees. Next thing, a tyre arrived on the doorstep. Next, a coil of very thick rope. Rope attached to cross bar with the tyre and we had a wonderful swing, to get on, jump through or just dangle. Next to the swing, a length of rope was knotted at intervals. Climbing! Then, a Scooter BMX course was forged all around the trees. Finally, a Pit so that engines could be looked at and wheels changed, Grandma: commentator. And such FUN for all concerned – by Maureen Rayner