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By April 27, 2017April 30th, 2017Blogs

‘This business of petty inconvenience, of being kept waiting about, of having to do everything at other people’s convenience, is inherent in working-class life. A thousand influences constantly press a working man down into a PASSIVE role. He does not act, he is acted on. He feels himself the slave of mysterious authority and has a firm conviction that “they” will never allow him to do this, or that or the other.’

George Orwell  – The Road to Wigan Pier 1936 

Does current folk wisdom say that the experience which most people have of their personal power, has not altered since 1936 ?  Or forever ? Vote Brexit ? Vote Trump ? 


[Pix – Philip Guston, Mural Work and Play, for the Queensbridge Houses Community Center, NYCHA, 1940]