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Listing Stories of friends’ achievements in the Ascot, Windsor, Slough, Bracknell, Reading areas of Berkshire UK, currently and as legacies from the 1980s –

Bill Carey Craft Workshop, WEB Bus education, Play Centre Old Magistrate Court, Light House Peace Yurt, ‘Take Two’ Palestine- Israeli play, Play reading group, Wordsmiths writers’ group, Festival of the Dark, Windsor Homeless project, PARITY: equal rights for men & women, Scar healing in Sarajevo, Windsor International One Act Play competition, ASCENT Environment Network & Festival, Quiet Garden retreat at 30, Granny Kettle Wood: high court action to preserve trees, Wildlife in Ascot, Save Heatherwood Hospital, DOCS: Defend Our Community Services, ‘How Come We Didn’t Know?’ exhibition NHS privatisation, Community access to Ascot Races, The ‘Just Walk’ to Palestine, Surrey Swans: Gender fluidity group, Collections for CALM: male suicide, The Circle Works at 30, Values & Visions Foundation, Wells for India at 30, Mindfulness classes, INSECT ARMAGGEDON

Cobra uses information & communication technologies to help local communities document & promote their own solutions to sustainability challenges & inspire others locally, nationally, internationally – Watch inspirational video: self- reliance & sustainability HERE 


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Lying there just looking at the Moon

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I’ve spent ages this week thinking about a text to echo the photograph of Moon & Water. Several poems unearthed but inadequate for my Moon feelings.

Then last night in bed, I turned my head towards the three large windows, to my left. The house is over 100 years old. Black painted wooden eaves hunch over the window. Beyond, an 100 year Lawsonian pine. Here a Tawny Owl calls at dusk or dawn.

And THERE WAS THE MOON. Beaming, BEAMING white light into  my room. At 3 o’clock it had moved to the third window. At 5am it was out of sight.

All the writing and images in this edition of TIA, tell of human interventions with WATER. The musing you’re reading now, dwells on the miracle of water and miraculous tides drawn to bulge, by the miraculous Moon.

For more info – 

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Take Insects Seriously and Wonder at them !

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Of the species Odonata, Damsel flies and the larger Dragon flies are amongst the most beautiful and spectacular insects.Amongst the most ancient creatures, millions of years ago they were some of the largest flying invertebrates ever.

Now, once emerged from water they live but a few weeks, if that.

Prof. Dave Goulson, University Sussex alerts us to the alarming evidence that insect populations world wide, are in RAPID DECLINE. ” if we lose the insects, then everything is going to collapse”: an ecological ARMAGEDDON.

Photo Acknowledgement  – Daily Telegraph

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Awe at Wonderments – Hubble’s Messier 5

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Hubble’s Messier 5 was catalogued by the 18th century astronomer. It contains 100,000 stars or more, bound by gravity into a region around 165 light years in diameter. Astronomers honour star-dust.

In our Story, across the page, we tell of the artist Antonia Rolls. She paints and speaks with men and women, during their last days on this planet. She honours star-dust.

Acknowledgement – NASA

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The Man Who Planted Trees

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Twenty some years ago David Milarch hovered above the bed, looking down at his motionless body. Years of alcoholism had booted him out of his life. An inexplicable cosmic commandment would return him to it. His improbable charge? To clone the world’s champion trees – the giants that had survived millennia and would be unvanquished by climate change. Experts said it couldn’t be done. Fast-forward to today, and Milarch is now the keeper of a Noah’s Ark filled with the genetics for repopulating the world’s most ancient trees. Founder of the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive he is on a mission to restore the lungs of the planet — a mission that now reaches close to 300 million people each year.

You can read or listen to the full version of the interview by Daily Good with David –  here. 

Acknowledgement – Contribution from Brian, a fellow environmental campaigner.

Photo – Daily Good

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Treasure …. in piles of poo !

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I usually look up and around when I am walking.  This day I didn’t and what caught my eye were a couple of dollops of horse manure…with treasure.

Treasure that had sprung to life from what one could have regarded as an ‘end product’. Who knows where it started and all the facets of the constituents of the manure.

It was far from over…  in fact, it was the start of new life…searching for light and winding fragile stalks chaotically.

I thought it was beautiful and a sign of hope that when there are piles of shit…there are also possibilities of new growth and undiscovered beauty.

I could so easily have missed it.

Acknowledgement – Christina Searle, a new Blog contributer ( see Story – Steve Searle and Gallery – HERE )

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Awe & Wonderment ; Western Australia

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Today the Blog gazes across far distant time. What strange world is this ? Earth.

In the foreground are the PINNACLES. Unusual rock spires in Namburg National Park, Western Australia. They are made from ancient sea shells (limestone); the topic of research.

Research into human existence in this part of earth at earliest archeological sites reveals that there was an Aboriginal presence 40 – 60,000 years ago; the oldest continuous culture on earth.

A culture whose hall mark is ONENESS WITH NATURE; within a belief system where nature & landscape are sacred. Aboriginal oral tradition is built upon a belief in the DREAMTIME: the reality of Dreaming.

Ref –  UCL: Astronomy Picture of the Day 10/10/17 – HERE

–  Australia Indigenous art – HERE

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Yarrows & Verges – Achillea Millefolium

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What beautiful words ..Yarrow and verges! It’s the ‘y’ and the ‘v’ sound…

I’m so fortunate living in a rural area where many roads have wide grass verges. Dandelions glorify in Spring. Autumn sees the white heads of Yarrow accessible for herbalists who list many uses for the tinctures. Whilst Yarrow’s white multiple heads and dark green ferny leaves can lie unnoticed in the grass, it has an ancient history. Legend tells of a tincture that Achilles smeared all over his body, apart from his heel, to ward off arrows. Today its uses include body temperature control, hormonal problems, cramps, swellings, bruises.

PLANTLIFE’S Road Verges Campaign note it as a significant plant in its work to encourage Local Authorities to improve management of verges to benefit wildlife…birds, bees, insects. (see HERE )

Learn about free herbal food & medicine :-

Whispering Earth –   HERE        

Herbarium Blog  –  HERE  

Woodland Trust – foraging – HERE

Permaculture – sustainability & free food – HERE

More about Yarrow – HERE

Photo – Ralph A Lewin, Getty Images

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Cassini Spacecraft and Saturn

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On 15th September 2017 the 13 year journey that Scientists made alongside CASSINI ended as they crashed the craft at 70,000 mph, into Saturn. Fuel had run out. The 22 ft. Robot took 7 years to travel the 200 billion miles to Saturn where it photographed, for the first time ever, Saturn’s majestic Rings. It cost £2.9 million; a joint project of NASA, the European Space Agency & the Italian Space Agency.

This exploration & the pictures of Saturn received back, start off our website’s idea to focus on AWE & WONDERMENT, as the Blogs from now until the December year end.

We’ll alternate  between Cosmology and Nature; very big to pretty small !

Why ? You may ask … Because whilst the website tells stories about minutiae … everything we do is set in evolution; are all part of the evolution of the Cosmos and of the details of changes in the Natural World.

Sources : Cassini – The Grand Finale:-

Photo – NASA’s Cassini spacecraft about to make one of its dives between Saturn and its innermost rings.  Credit: NASA


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National Poetry Day – 28 September

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by Joseph Coehlo

Not the first to sit.
Not the first to get arrested.
Not old (she was 42).
Not tired (‘just tired of giving in’).

One of many, unable to sit
with the injustice of years.
A rider on an old road
walked by millions on tired legs.

These riders fought for a feat,
years in the trudging,
of sole-worn protest
walked in frustrated miles
over landscapes of lives.

One day became thirteen months
of continued mapping,
of hitchhiking and car pools,
of walking and tattered shoes,
because the bus
wasn’t going anywhere they planned to go.

National Poetry Day is 28 September, and this year’s theme is ‘Freedom’  –

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) was an activist in the Civil Rights Movement, whom the US Congress called “the first lady of civil rights” and “the mother of the freedom movement” –

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