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Awe and Wonder Gallery

By February 1, 2018May 15th, 2019Gallery / Archive


AWE and WONDER are words used frequently on this website.

I look at cosmology images first thing every morning.

Vast canvasses; self, set within enormity: significant consciousness…. insignificant in time & space.

A service of ASD at NASA/GSFC & Michigan Tech.University 



Visit the London Greenwich Planetarium to take a tour of the Universe and experience the wonders of the night sky with expert commentary from real astronomers. Fly to the heart of the Sun, go to distant galaxies, see the birth of a star or land on Mars – READ MORE HERE


Vertigo Sea is an exhibition featuring two remarkable installations by acclaimed artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah – expressing the feeling of what it is like to be at the mercy of something vast and presenting an opportunity to meditate upon our place within the world, against the immense spaces and epic timescales evoked by the films; they remind us of our interconnectedness and the diverse, ghostly community that shapes who we are –  READ MORE HERE


Anne Yarwood