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CALL TO THE WILD: Images that inspire Kesty Gallery

By May 2, 2019June 18th, 2019Gallery / Archive


CALL TO THE WILD: Images that inspire Kesty 


Paintings and photos which inspire Kesty and shown in the GALLERY come from –

–  Snowdonia – where the Vision Quest took place

–  Young foxes in meadow at Sladebank Woods, the day after Kesty’s return from the mountain

–  Quantock Hills – painting by David Macfarlane 1990, Kesty’s father

–  Wolf & Moon lino cut by Kesty, Sacred Arts Camp May 2018

–  Artwork by local artist, Jaine Rose

–  Rosa Davis, sculptor – ‘ This sculpture was gifted to me by Rosa Davis. I love her, she sings of stone & moss & deep wild nature. Rosa is an inspiring local artist in Stroud who has made figures from a young child’.

–  ‘I have been inspired by Carolyn Hillyer’s writing and songs for many years.  Her book ‘Sacred House’ is a great treasure to me.’

–  Sladebank Woods – photos from the beautiful woods

–  Sleepout Event poster for the Gloucestershire Deaf Association; a fundraising sleepout on 16 March at Sladebank Woods as part of their 100th anniversary celebrations.

–  ‘Mute Appeal’ is Kesty’s journey to find a dog – Remy is her new rescue companion who inspired this poem :-


Dog Kills Cat

Snapped up in a chase.

Lengthy strides catch in a flash,

silent paws too slow.


Claw pierces dogs ear.

The cat clung on for dear life,

stolen in moments.


It was not gory,

just brutally quick, savage,

leaving me shaking.


Nature kills easy.

Instinct drives, animal quick.

We think we can tame.


Kesty Jakes

March 2019