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What keeps you going?

By October 29, 2018June 18th, 2019Gallery / Archive


A picture celebration of family and friends’ imaginings: skilful play, with all forms of Creativity



THE QUESTION WAS : – in your daily life “WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING?”



  • David : retired Civil Engineer – Self discipline, jobs to do, commitment to basic values and common sense…don’t like skivers.


  • Anne : Website editor –  Listening. Questioning. Laughing. Being irreverent. Smiling into others’ eyes.


  • Ziba : Post Mistress – Keeping space from civilisation.


  • Graham : Storyboard Artist film industry – I like personal and professional opportunities …within which my private life has opportunity to recover, appreciate the arts, have space in our life.


  • Local pharmacist – I have scores of prescriptions to make-up.My work keeps me going.


  • Marie Lou : Hospital domestic staff – I keep going with my job whilst I’m fit …my girls and keeping myself fit.


  • Tracey : Carer – My son aged 21 graduated from Uni with BA in performing arts .Very proud. My job..they need me …have helped them which makes their day.


  • Dorin : Garden & house maintenance – Be grateful for everything, because it is a gift. Keep the smile on your face and the mind in the present.


  • My GP – Ducking and diving, weaving and bobbing, staying with the flow.


  • Sally : Chartered Accountant – I’m happy with my life.


  • Christina : a friend  – Discovering a way through.


  • Jan : a friend – Believing in myself.


  • Sally : a sojourner on her journey – Don’t give in. Keep on going.


  • Sarah : a friend – Everything is always working for you, not against you.


  • Brian : a friend –  God’s creation inspires me and gives me the motivation to embrace each day.


Desiderata by Max Ehrmann – in the Gallery below – HERE

DON’T WORRY 2008 Martin Creed


And finally …… The Tate is running a workshop which has a common theme of ‘Keep Going’ – Resilience: Support in the Art World  on 10 November 2018 at 14.00–17.00 –  SEE HERE 






Anne Yarwood