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Sue Yarwood’s Gallery

By November 23, 2016June 18th, 2019Uncategorized


A picture celebration of family and friends’ imaginings: skilful play, with all forms of Creativity



Sue Yarwood is an artist who creates beauty in every aspect of her life…in cooking, making curtains, working from her love of textiles, ceramics, painting, embroidery, crafting vessels with silks & fabrics, creating and nurturing gardens.

Sue writes:- I was born and grew up in the town of Macclesfield, known as the “silk town”. Manufacturers, weavers & dyers of silk. Generations of my family, back to my great grandmother…we’re all silk workers in one form or another. I have many memories of going to the mills to see various family members at work…listening to their stories. The noise and the smells are the root of my fascination with silk and its versatility. From fabrics, dyed or printed, handmade papers, threads, even the “throwsters waste” which helped to make the beautiful bowls… NOTHING IS WASTED.

Sue’s Workshop – here are photos of one of Sue’s workshops, starting off around the kitchen table. Viv,  Sarah, Mary, Maureen and Anne enjoy learning how to make SILKEN BOWLS.  The oven picture is of Sue heating the bases for the bowls – a firm base for the Silken Bowls requires heat.

As a gardener, Sue says -” I’m a plantaholic and lover of all beautiful flowers. I can go out in the garden from early morning until hunger calls me in. I’ve been known to be deadheading in my dressing gown, in the rain”. Sue has created five gardens, from scratch. She is inspired by love of pattern and colour and texture, as she plans these gardens; a passionate stream tumbles between the twin crafts.

Sue is our sister-in-law.