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We had such fun !!

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We came to be Grand-parents, very late in our lives; two Grandchildren, Oscar 7 & Chloe 5; full of ENERGY. We have a small wood at the garden’s end and Duncan, my hands-on husband, has wonderful ideas. Recently, first thing I knew about an idea….while I was away from the house, he shinned up a tree and put a cross bar across two trees. Next thing, a tyre arrived on the doorstep. Next, a coil of very thick rope. Rope attached to cross bar with the tyre and we had a wonderful swing, to get on, jump through or just dangle. Next to the swing, a length of rope was knotted at intervals. Climbing! Then, a Scooter BMX course was forged all around the trees. Finally, a Pit so that engines could be looked at and wheels changed, Grandma: commentator. And such FUN for all concerned – by Maureen Rayner



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Mahatma Gandhi said that there are…” 7 Plunders of the World that lead to violence :-

* Wealth without Work,

* Pleasure without Conscience,

* Knowledge without Character,

* Commerce without Morality,

* Worship without Sacrifice,

* Politics without Principle, ”  –  From GreenSpirit June 2016 Newsletter.



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” Intuition enlightens and so links up with pure thought. They together become an intelligence which is not simply of the brain, which does not calculate, but feels and thinks” –

Words and painting by Pieter Cornelius (Piet) Mondrian.  From World Goodwill forthcoming conference entitled A Beam of Light Shining upon our Way : Reflections on the Intuition”



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Are you left or right- handed? Whichever, prepare for action!

Read out the following:- ” you can scarcely see ANY House Sparrows in St. James or Hyde Park London”. Clap your hand over your mouth saying “AAAH!”

Read out the following:- ” if such a tragedy can befall this street-wise little bird, is ANY species safe?”. Clap your hand over your mouth saying”AAAH!”

For further info – RSPB State of Nature report –


EMPTY NEST: au revoir

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We may think we know what to expect at significant times in our lives. Then wow! It’s here. It’s happening. Brain shoved aside by gut, fuelled by an incoming tide from the unconscious.

Recently our younger daughter collected HER younger daughter from school, for the last time. “I felt SAD; nineteen years of taking to & and from schools.” As grandparents, seeing grandchildren off to a first paid job and to Uni, we can only recall that mixture of relief from responsibility, pride, emptiness… years ago,now. And what of those whose children have scant hope of grabbing this first rung of adulthood? Twiggy nest crammed full.

“Richard’s (or whosoever) got his eye on the ball, and he SHOOTS.” Or, The debacle of the England Manager

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My husband’s call got on my wick, when our children were young. In fact it’s a great cry for the injunction: focus.. prep… ACT.

Raised in the weekly Sacred Time  of the Footie results …Vernons maybe…my Dad and me were acolytes before the radio results’ intonation…Bolton  Wanderers 4, West Bromwich Albion 2… Ooh I MISSED that with you two talking!! As if we Dared!  Ever the hope to win, Lil stayed faithful to the Game. That hope alongside her Co-op Divi. being her sole, her-own money.  And onwards, playing football, watching football. Chuffing one another in the family about My Team’s results. And just recently … Well now !! ..SHAME!  Alongside trillions of players, fans and no doubt sufferers…I am pained in my guts.




Planting Tulips : with Browning in mind

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Oh! to live on the Berkshire Surrey borders,
Now that the tulip bulb adverts call.
And the lawns still call for a cut, and outside paintwork looks flakey, and downstairs loo’s sprung a leak, and into the house the GPO plops good cause festive cards, daily.
And do I hear a distant snare-drum swishing out ‘Aleppo’ ?


Fleet Images

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James Bibey is a local Photographer who takes his pictures in the dark of night.

Paul Matthews, poet and teacher of creative writing, in his book ‘Words in Place’ suggests using the discipline of Haiku: focused observation displayed succinctly.

‘Small nose-level fly,
Became far distance Swallow,
When eye gazed high’

(HAIKU format – 3 lines comprising 5, 7, 5 syllables each)

Ascent Gallery

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The pictures are of people involved in the ASCENT Network activities 2014 -2016 and also of Anne’s house and garden in Ascot.

Ascot Gallery

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The pictures are of people involved in the ASCENT Network activities 2014 -2016 and also of Anne’s house and garden in Ascot.