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FetchMeThe …….

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As a girl – my mother’s helper, her voice travelled my world with the call :-

Fetch me the…(Sunday evening) Dolly tub ‘n the Plunger ( to soak the washing over night in chopped-up green soap), (like, everyday) the tea-pot stand, the tea-cosy, (frequently) my sewing box, (now and then) me teeth (from the glass of Sterodent in the bathroom)..

( regularly) Pop round to the shop . Get me me Woodies . You can get yourself a bottle of Tizer too

And above all, ”Fetchmethe bathroom stool” (VITAL EQUIPMENT for reaching thingies).

In no way was I a CARER.. just helping my 5′ mum and her “Gammy- legged” husband. (that was what he called his impairment in the 1940’s)

A totally different setting for the 1.4 million children aged 8 to 18 caring for parents.




Homepage 1

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This website has been created by Anne Yarwood, resident in Ascot for over 50 years, to show how individuals CAN effect change… can DO something about their concerns, in an imaginative way.

From childhood I’ve had a feeling about injustice…. And a sense that I.. We…could DO something about it. ” Advocate and Mediator” appealed to my dramatic self.

At 82 and physically weakened, the question nagging my mind is how to stay motivated for vibrant living, within a tough analysis of the challenge of the time, Climate Change.

The challenge of CLIMATE CHANGE ( to quote Naomi Klein: one of the heroes of our age)

” is a civilisation wake-up call…telling us that we need an entirely new economic model and a new way of sharing this planet. Telling us that we need to evolve” **

Asking The Development Education question about “sharing” still makes sense to me after 50 years of activism.

For me, the question” who gets what, when, where, how & why?” is the start-whistle for the imagination to act.

Energy to start, carry through and achieve change, seems over and again to build on inspiration from the imagination. An idea, an opportunity presents itself. Grasped; the hard work of manifestation begins.

Action for change has lethargy, avoidance, denial in its sights !!!

The aim of this website is to offer SPACE FOR STORY-TELLING ; stories about my own and friends’ imaginings.

Acts of art; be they a play , poetry, writing and readings, photography, a craft, starting a local campaign, cobbling together a local meeting place… All stuff I know about.. To quote Thomas Merton,”Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, it is a hammer to shape it”

Together with friends, with little gold, I have been in the midst of this frolic!
( you know ? …The banner that reads ” if this demo isn’t fun, I’m not playing”)

The stories will tell of small actions, by a small number of apparently small – in – power adults and children. They mirror the myriad “good deeds” of everywhere.
Too small to effect radical transformation ? Too diverse and disconnected to topple the power- houses?

I and my comrades don’t agree. Small IS beautiful and it’s everywhere.

**” THIS CHANGES EVERY THING : Capitalism vs.the Climate. Naomi Klein. AllenLane imprint of Penguin Books -2014



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A lot goes on, under cover

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An Oak tree has been growing near our boundary for at least 60 years. Its roots reach underground towards my neighbour’s 100 year Oak.And for sure, the trees’ fungi enmesh soil and stones as they journey across our gardens’ divide.Unseen connections, little considered in daily living. The underground underworld, my friend and I recently realise, also vibrates through the inner underworld of us two insomniacs.Both of us can see the Oaks ...shining last week in the moonlit gardens. We may think about one another. We note the availability of connections. 


Festival of the Dark – 25 March Event 

Festival of the Dark is about to become a micro-festival of small organic events in small spaces, with big soul and big love.

Our beautiful event on 25 March, The Night Breathes Us In, will be the last of its kind in the year.

If you are free and can come, please do. Please also make a conscious effort to engage others, and to bring them with you on this journey.

Please contact Hollie Brader, Project Manager for Festival of the Dark for further details – 07583 748265


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Anne Yarwood

Defensive Architecture

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More than 100 homeless people are ‘living’ in the terminals of Heathrow airport this winter (2015), according to official figures – a new and shameful record. Crisis and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation have warned that homelessness in London is rising significantly faster than the nationwide average, and faster than official estimates. And yet, we don’t see as many people sleeping rough as in previous economic downturns. Have our cities become better at hiding poverty, or have we become more adept at not seeing it? (Guardian – 18/2/15 Alex Andreou / Pix  Metal studs outside private flats on Southwark Bridge Rd, London – Guy Corbishley)

In Homage, to the Beached

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My fellow Nana to two grandsons, is Beached. She’s in an high quality but far distant Care Home. Always admired by me, for her practical Nanaship. She has been stalwart, alongside the two Head Teacher parents. Whereas I’m good at the chat; dire at the cleaning.

The inevitable tide goes out. Far out, for many. I feel great pain in my heart for the packaged elderly. Not amidst the poverty, nor the terror of so many families, world wide, but not ALONE . ….Not with STRANGERS.

  • I’ve just started writing a weekly, LARGE PRINT letter to my friend. Just a dab of paint on the hull, not a relaunch. Of how much value is COMPASSION, in your experience?

Crumbs !

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OO-er AND Crumbs!

No, this isn’t the heavens opening on Trump, North Korean leader, Putin and that butcher in Wales who so upset my mum when we were evacuated. Speaking in his native-tongue Welsh to all his customers he slipped tit-bits ….denied to my mum… into their baskets. So distressing, so alienating, so far from home…that my darling mum came out of his shop, sat on a stone wall and WEPT. Threatening clouds ever overhead?

NO.. neither is it an alien mothership.

Merely! a thunder cloud filmed in Montana 2010 bringing high wings, torrential rain, and tornadoes.

See Astronomy daily picture –


Steve Searle’s Gallery

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A picture celebration of family and friends’ imaginings: skilful play, with all forms of Creativity



Below are a series of photos taken by either me or Steve that show his love of forestry  in all its guises and of his immediate family, from David as a youngster on the woodpile to our last time all together in Sydney in March 2013.

Very special memories.

Christina and David Searle

Shout Loudly : Chunter together quietly

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Went to local hospital watch-persons meeting. Planned support for London SUPPORT THE NHS demos. Gave out this leaflet at recent march down Ascot High Street. Gathering my own courage, to encourage the meet to produce practical ideas for taking individual and collective responsibility for RESILIENCE & SELF-RELIANCE about our own health.


Courage is not enough ?

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Consider the affirmation ‘You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated’ – Maya Angelou.

And the following statements:- ‘Britain has a social mobility problem which is getting worse for an entire generation of young people’… particularly for white working-class boys.  Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission  (SMCP ) State of the Nation Report 16/11/16 – Chair Alan Milburn.

Runnymede Trust report-  Who Cares about the White Working Class?

‘The Plight is constructed by the media, politicians, anti-immigration groups as the fault of immigrant minority ethnic groups or the cultural deficit of the under class, or both, while leaving the hierarchical and highly stratified nature of British society, out of the equation’.

Interesting resources: – ‘RESPECTABLE’  a novel by LYNSEY HANLEY.

 Richard Hoggart ‘THE USES OF LITERACY’ 1957 but relevant.  020 7227 5371 Social Mobility Commission.

Runneymede Trust –

Tattoos : Taboos

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Chatting to strangers was what you did in my war-time childhood. Sitting on those side seats downstairs on the bus, squashed between women (my size !!) with covered punnets full of yellow downy chicks. Off to Kidderminster market. Or dispatched to stand in queues outside the Tripe shop, basket on arm. Learnt much in queues !

The other day I chatted with Ben in our garden. Admired the TATTOOS during his tea break from tree lopping. “Left school early. Nothing to teach me !” He lived on a barge. ” You could call me a Wild Man” he said. “Number of wild animals lived with me….now help out with conservation stuff. Teach kids.”  “What’s the tattoo about?” sez I. “Pride in myself.. my body” said Ben.